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 Valkreen, Mysterious Angels
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 09:05 AM
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Name: Valkreen
Homeplanet: No knows planet of origin. Found in large black crystals that float through space.
Sentience: Sentient

- Very strong regeneration that allows them to heal most physical injuries.
- Large black wings that allow them to fly great distances.
- Able to harness a form of magic that has a signature purple glow. This magic can be used both as a weapon and utility. Each Valkreen are able to manipulate the magic to fit their desired form.

- Whilst their healing is incredibly strong they can still be killed by conventional means such as suffocation, vaporization, beheading.
- All of the Valkreen discovered so far have been mentally unstable in one way or another. Prone to switch moods from childish curiosity to feral rage in an instant.
- They are incredibly rare and so far all female and so no way of reproduction has been found.
- A Valkreen spends most of their childhood and early adulthood inside a large black crystal that floats through space until the correct conditions are found for the Valkreen to hatch. Some crystals fall into stars or are smashed to pieces by asteroids and so the majority don't survive.

Valkreen are all female with mostly human features. The only differences are the tips of their fingers are black and scaled, their eyes are black, they have very pale skin and have large black wings on their backs which can grow up to a 8 meter wingspan.

Since the Valkreen are so rare no colonies have been formed and so no overall culture exists. A Valkreen will usually adapt to the culture of the place and people where they hatched. Yet all Valkreen seem to believe in a deific being that they refer to as 'Father'.

There are no records of the early history of the Valkreen yet every member of the species believes that they were once part of something greater, a whole civilization perhaps, yet none have a memory of this. All that is know is that a number of large black crystals have been floating into the galaxy form the far eastern stars of the milky way, perhaps near Rift Space. Many of the crystals are destroyed by falling into suns or black holes or blasted apart by comets and asteroids. Those that survive will land on a planet or are picked up by passing ships. When exposed to the correct conditions the crystal breaks, hatching the mature Valkreen.
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 10:34 AM
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Slipped past me so sorry for the long wait.

Interesting race of angelic beings.

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