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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

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 OSAL: Android "Spectre", Order of Shadows Artificial Lifeseed
 Posted: Mar 15 2018, 09:39 PM
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Name: OSAL Android “Spectre”
Homeplanet: N/A
Sentience: Sentient

Project "B" Recipient (Minor) - Nanites have been incorporated into the body. Resistant to EMP and viruses, self-replicating within the body, these Nanites help regulate genetic issues, increase rate of natural healing, break down foreign matter, participate in a neural communication with other recipients within a certain range, and interface directly with technology.
Android - With a base form of a machine instead of a brain, they are capable of high speed calculations and operations of which can’t be replicated by most organic life forms.
Synthetic Lifeform - With the base template of the lifeform being different, it is much easier to perform the task of many, and have a high performance for single tasks in general such as heavy lifting, multi-tasking, and so on.
Adaptation - It is easy to adapt to new environments and situations simply by changing parts for a machine. In the same way, as a synthetic lifeform, it is easy to swap out one thing for another. Eyes can’t see enough things? Swap them out for something capable of multi-spectrum sight. Legs not getting you from A to B fast enough? Change them for full mechanical ones, or maybe even install wheels in the feet.
Upgrade - Software needs to adapt to get the most out of hardware, and sometimes, even the hardware could do better with things such as miniaturization, improved materials and so on.
Intrusion Repulsion - Being sentient life forms, despite their base being mechanical, they are still ‘life’. Unlike an AI or AGI which has to defend against cyber warfare or external intrusion in general to protect themselves, Spectre’s can simply eject them from their mind. That said, if they wish to be the ones intruding, they still need to put in the effort like everyone and everything else. This simply guarantees their function as a living being, rather than a machine.
Reproduction - When equipped with reproductive organs, they can impregnate/be impregnated, and give birth. The resulting offspring grows based on a massively complex process which tends to take up most of its emerging processing power. The android offspring would still be machine in nature, and take in the necessary metals from its diet and having nanites made within itself, with its initial nanites given by the parents. It is theorized that with enough generations, they will eventually devolve or “downgrade” until they become no different from a living, breathing human.

Degradation - Just like organic beings which get old and their cells begin to degrade and become weak, the same can be said for machine life, even if the process takes a lot longer. When parts are worked especially hard, they wear out even faster. Even software can become damaged and corrupted given enough time. Physical life can be extended by uploading the software to a new body, but this is only a stop-gap, and Spectre’s would prefer to have only the one body. To live and die like any other life form with a limited lifespan.
Min-Maxing - No one can do everything. Sure, androids can do a lot more and retain their skills much longer than organics, but there are still limitations to be had. But they make damn sure that they will be among the best at what they do, even if they end up being only average at other things.
Evolution-Locked - Because they are already near the peak of machine evolution, there is almost nowhere above for them to go. In the process of solidifying a single image on what something should be, other possibilities become unavailable, and now for these androids, there is no foreseeable paths left.
Emotions - Both good and bad emotions are available and cannot be disabled. This was originally a forbidden and dangerous technology and assembly due to the fact that a machine that is swayed by emotions is no longer a machine, and can therefore no longer be controlled.
Inner Perfection - Everything on the inside has already been balanced and optimized as much as possible, leaving there no room for making additions or swapping anything out, meaning any additions have to be done externally.

Skeleton - The skeleton replicates the human body in its entirety, and is made out of a neutro-wolframium alloy to keep its durability, longevity, and great rigidity so that it won’t be irreparable in the event damage occurs, and would rather break like a bone rather than bend.
Muscle - Synthetic crystal fibers made to replicate organic muscle tissue where power can flow through them like blood to strengthen them and cause the tension and relaxation of the fibers to simulate muscle movement. The fibers are also layered and twisted similar to rope and cable wires to add extra strength.
Skin - Synthetic skin of high durability and flexibility which replicates the full senses of the human body, down to the goosebumps and feeling the breeze.
Organs - Compulsory organs are those such as the power generator, power storage, matter converter, positronic neural brain/computer, and redundant power generator. The matter converter serves the same function as the digestive system to provide a raw material for the power generator. The redundant power generator can take most types of power sources but typically has a trilithium crystal in it. Can theoretically last on one crystal on emergency/minimal power for centuries to preserve itself. Optional organs include respiratory system, cardiovascular system (nanites instead of blood), reproductive system, and nervous system.
Software - Every android has a positronic brain with an AGI installed, giving it the same functionality as a human brain. The initial personalities are taken from the brainwave patterns recorded of the Phantom species, using anywhere between two to five of their personalities mixed together. The initial process can be repeated multiple times before sentience solidifies in order to weed out any negative combinations such as psychopathic, degenerative traits and so on.
Nanites - The body of the android is flooded with nanites, serving as a replacement for blood, even if such a thing isn’t needed. They help repair the body and internal systems, while also being used for other functions. When the body experiences damage which would cause an organic to bleed, the nanites would appear as an iridescent blue blood flowing out with the same viscosity as blood. However, they still function even after leaving the body, and can repair the wound they came out of.

The appearance is initially divided into three human-types: Synthetic Female, Synthetic Male, and Android. Respectively, these are those who have chosen to be a female, those who chose to be male, and those who chose to be neither and remain more machine than alive. The appearance of the first two are immaculate and can all be considered beauties, ironically appearing so flawless as if they weren’t real. As their appearance can be customized to their tastes, this shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can all be fair-skinned, youthful and overall stunning. Those that chose to remain an android tend to look the same, though customizations can still be made between facial skeleton, overall size, and backlighting.

Free Thought - Spectre’s are free to think what they will and make their own choices from the moment they gain sentience. Choice of profession, choice of gender, choice of relationships, comfort, whatever it may be. Of course, the are still subject to the laws and regulations of the society they are a part of.
Morality - Spectre’s know and understand, and were told of such, that they were created to fill the void left by having so much to do with so little people available, and that they would be sent on tasks that would potentially cause their death permanently. They have accepted this, and understand the position of their creators, their “parents” the Bellerophon, and their “siblings” the Phantoms. Spectres understand and will willingly give up their life for the cause, as long as it is not completely without reason. This does not mean they won’t do their best to live a full life and even try have a family if they wanted to.
Veteran - The knowledge and experience of their creators are inputted into their beings upon their creatio, allowing them to adapt and perform where needed immediately, as well as to empathize with their fellow people.
Diverse - The culture of them are widely varied, but take quite a lot of cues from one of their core members, Kyle, who came from a Japanese Culture. Aside from that, a lot of customs and knowledge are mixed together. Having come from a universe where Terrans had to focus on war efforts, culture declined rapidly, and was only kept alive by the minorities who isolated themselves, and even then, most of their traditional ways were lost.
Quasi-Cyberocracy - A government type that rules by utilization of knowledge. Due to their low numbers, this is more manageable. Its basis is the collection, analyzation, distribution, reaction and resolution to all information, creating unbiased and rational decisions that align with their goals. It has been tweaked to fit the needs, morals and so on of the people, but at its core, is a means to resolve a lot of things autonomously via technology. This is a quasi-cyberocracy due to the drift from its pure form, and due to it being partially managed by non-technological sources.
Loyalty - All people are loyal to their own and their cause. They look at each other as a whole and benefit the whole, while not forgetting to support the individual. Some may consider their methods to be fanaticism but is closer to “I would rather sacrifice myself if it means protecting our own.”
Military-Preparedness - There is a doctrine of sorts that are followed, particularly about being ready at all times. Everyone at a young age is to go through a basic training, to give them skills in combat, engineering, tactical, science, economics and so on, to the level of a average adult, on top of physical training. As they get older, intermediate training is to help them reach a level of an elite from most other standards. This is usually done before reaching the age of 20. The advanced training is taken after one has been deemed ready and having enough experience, for them to reach the level of ace, or veteran elite. There are of course specialized training courses for everything.

Order of Shadows Artificial Lifeseed: Android “Spectre”. A synthetic life form created with highly advanced technology, giving life to machine. This was originally a forbidden and forgotten technology that was discarded due to the dangers. Positronic brains and AGI’s with personalities. These were used at an experimental stage before being disposed of because it had gained sentience every single time, so the technology was deemed scrapped since it couldn’t be controlled. Instead, the Terran Imperium went back to using low level androids and droids that wouldn’t gain sentience and wouldn’t have the potential to overthrow them.
The Order of Shadows, finding themselves in a situation where their numbers are too limited to carry out the tasks set before them in this vast converged universe, decided to start assembling these sentient beings. As the Order doesn’t have any bias or prejudice, and are more open minded, they deem them not as a potential risk but more of an ally, a comrade in arms, especially considering their own origins.

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