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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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 You Promised Me You'd Stay, Versaille
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 10:05 AM
Stellar Engineer
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The quiet pitter-patter of rain on the shutters filled the silence that enveloped the Versaille household. The large house, positioned 6 340 above sea level, was dark as the front door slammed shut. The boys eyes shot open as he ripped his blankets off, the light from his alarm clock briefly illuminating him as his hand slammed down on the desk. His breath was labored as he looked down at his hands which were shaking from the nightmare that had awoken him. His pale skin reflected some of the light coming through the windows, the dual-moons of Eden-II shining down on him. His scarlet-irises shown through the darkness as he stood, the monitoring system quickly notifying him that he still had four-hours and thirty-seven-minutes left to sleep. The monotone voice also notified him that the front door had opened a little over thirty-seconds prior to him waking. With a huff, he marched out of his room, the cold tile biting into his bare feet as he made his way toward his father's room. Before he pushed the door open, he knew that his father would not be there and he would only be greeted by the rumpled sheets from which his father had just left. The door was soundless as he pushed inward, the sight of an empty bed confirming his suspicions. He took two quiet steps forward, listening to the sound of the rain pounding and trying to see if anyone was in the house with him. Suddenly, a flash of lightning followed instantly with the roaring of the thunder, threw the boy into a frenzy as he dashed out of the room, his feet slapping as he raced down the stairs. He calmed as he realized how dumb he felt. A Versaille, creators of the orbital rings, naval shipyards, and Hellfire-Missile Destroyer running from some weather? Regardless, the fear still crept into his bones as he made his way to the front window, his voice shaking as he spoke.

"Ellie, is my father still here?"

A female voice rang out as he finished the question.

"He left a few minutes ago. He had an important meeting with the Department of Safety."

"Of course he did."

The boy let a sigh out, realizing he was left alone for another night.

"He always does."
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 02:29 PM
Stellar Engineer
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The young Versaille moved away from the window, his reddish-blonde hair falling over his eyes as he entered the kitchen. When he entered, three lights, hidden above the stove, clicked on, giving the room some light. The boy moved toward the fridge, pulling it open as he asked a question.

"Ellie, can you tell me if Carly is still awake?"

The monitoring computer quickly logged into the boys social media, scrolling down his friend list to see if the small green dot was next to the girl's name.

"She is online."

"Can you send her a message for me?"

"Yes. What would you like me to send?"

"Ask her if she can come over. Oh! And ask if she can bring the stuff."

"Zach, you realize that it's nearly two in the morning? In addition to that, the stuff she brings over is not for a fourteen-year old to be using!"

"Ellie! Just send the message! I'm not addicted, I just like...chilling out...y'know?"

"Yes Zach. I've known you long enough. I also know that Carly is not good news. She's two years older than you and sh-"

"Just send it, alright?"


With a formal invite sent, he grabbed a puntafruit out of the fridge, the gold-colored fruit filling his entire hand as he brought it to his mouth. He took a large bite, the delicious flavor filling his throat as Ellie spoke.

"She responded."

"What'd she say?"

"She's already on her way over."

"How? It hasn't even been a minute!"

"Apparently, she was taking her father's hovercar for a spin and happened to be in the area."

Zach grinned as he moved out of the kitchen, the lights switching off as he left. The lights of the hovercar were already blasting through the front window, clicking off as he moved in front of it. Footsteps could clearly be heard outside before a the chiming of the bell filled the house. Unbeknownst to Zach, an alert would be popping up on his father's holopad, informing him that someone was at the door.

Zach pulled the door open, his eyes glowing as he welcomed the girl inside. The girl was 5'6'' (at most), had long peach blonde hair, had curves that were not meant for a sixteen-year-old girl, and gorgeous looks. Her eyes were dark blue as she pushed against Zach, hugging him for a second too long. Her voice came out high-pitched and suggesting as she pushed further into his house.

"What ya doin' up so late, Zacky?"

"I-I was just...in the mood to smoke."

"Where's your father?"


Her eyes drifted around before she pulled him to the couch, her hand going down her shirt. Zach's eyes widened as he glanced away, giving her some privacy. She grinned before pulling out a plastic bottle. She tipped it over on the living room table, some pink pills poured out, creating a slight rattle.

"You ready to get fucked?"

"In what way?"

Zach's timid response showing his inexperience with girls.

"Whatever way you want, Versaille."
 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 09:06 AM
Stellar Engineer
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The memory from his childhood ripped apart as pain shot through his upper torso. Bright lights prohibited Zach from seeing what was around him, but the sound of voices carried over to him, catching snippets of conversation.

"..his body is reacting well.."

"..the suit is melding with..."

"When will the larger parts be..."

His mind became to muddied to process what he was hearing and he soon drifted off into another restless sleep.


The walls were stark white, separated by long lights that hurt the eyes if viewed for too long. It was a wide room but fairly short when comparing it's width with it's length. All around the room were large machines, whirring as human-like robots moved in between them sticking appendages into small slots. In the middle of the room sat a gunmetal-gray table, cemented to the floor by large bolts. On top of the table a man lie motionless, the man had long reddish-blonde hair, toned muscles, and seemed to be quite tall. The robots that had been motoring around the room came to an abrupt stop before they disintegrated, turning back into tiny nano-bots and disappearing into the floor. The machines that had been constantly whirring shut-off and descended into the floor, only leaving the table and the man. The man's eyes shot open, revealing scarlet-red irises which glowed in contrast to the bright white lights. He struggled to move, only to find that he couldn't. There were no straps around his hands or legs, but, he still couldn't move. He began to scream as he struggled to break out of his invisible bonds, his eyes growing frantic. Suddenly, a deep voice, piped through nano speakers around the room, rang out, freezing the man in place.

"You cannot escape. There are no visible bonds because you are magnetically locked to the table."

The man's voice was nervous and shaking as he responded.

"What the fuck! Where am I? What the fuck is happening?"

"All will be explained after the procedure. Please do not struggle, or we might have to tighten the bonds."

"No don't you fucking dare-"

His voice was cut off as mechanical arms lifted up from around the table. The arms were followed by cases, positioned behind the arms. These cases hissed as they opened revealing pieces of some sort of suit.

"No! No! Help, please, please someone help!"

The cries were left on deaf ears as the arms began to move, lifting up the suit. The deep voice, again, began to speak.

"The armor will be magnetically sealed and has been adjusted to monitor your biometrics and implants. You will no longer need to remove the suit for any reason. It will need to be refilled with nutrients every two months, and your body will need to be adjusted every six months, but, other than those times, you will never leave the suit. Your waste will be emptied of all negative effects before being recycled and reused."

"No! I don't want this! Please, please just let me go!"

The voice never responded.

The arms clamped down on the pieces of equipment before moving to their assigned spots on his body. They slammed together, the magnetic field holding them in place as the nanobots sealed themselves.

The darkness enveloped the man, his old fear of claustrophobia racking his mind as quiet sobs left him in the midst of a panic attack. The sound of the nanobots attaching was one similar to that of rain falling on a waters surface. The ticking kept on going for hours as the suit adjusted itself. Once again the voice spoke.

"The suit will now need to insert the probes so you can be constantly monitored. The pain might be overwhelming."

Now it was the man's turn to not answer.

Within a second of the deep voice speaking, needles erupted from the interior of the suit, ripping into the man's body, cutting deep into nerve clusters. His screams echoed around the suit, as the needles worked their way up his body. They moved up his neck before stopping at the base of his jaw. This time, a female voice that seemed to emanate from the suit spoke.

"You will lose consciousness as we insert the cranial probes. The pain will be magnified as we need to penetrate the skull. We apologize for the discomfort you will feel for the next few minutes."

'Discomfort' wasn't an accurate word to describe the pain that he would feel. It would feel as if someone took a hammer and shattered six points on his skull before inserting six screwdrivers deep into his brain. However, the lady was right that it would only last a few seconds as he lapsed into a dream state.


When he awoke, he didn't feel like his normal self. Zach shook his head, which felt so much heavier, before trying to move his hands. He was no longer attached to the table. His relief was immense until he realized why he must feel so heavy. The internal mental struggle that transpired as he looked down at his hands must have ripped apart his sanity. One hand was enveloped with a white and orange metal, ending with a black metal that formed his new hand. The same was mirrored on the other side.

He stood up, his head swirling as he walked around the room, the suit making him unbalanced and woozy. Suddenly, a harmonious voice rang out inside his head, comforting him as he fell to one knee.

"Good afternoon, Zach. How are you feeling?"

The voice that responded was weak.

"Where am I? What's happening? Please, get me out of this."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Zach. However, I can answer your questions?"

"Yes ma'am."

Even while in his delirious state, his true personality showed.

"You are in the 'Calamity' Testing Facility."

"Where is that?"


"How long have I been here?"

"Seven-months, fourteen-days, one-hour, twenty-one-minutes, and nine seconds."

"What did they do to me?"

"They turned you into the most effective military machine ever created."

"With this armor? It doesn't even have a weapon."

"You are currently in the 'Standard' Configuration. Would you like to see the first, 'Weapon' Configuration."

"Can I leave?"


"Then, yes. Please show me."

He felt himself stand up straight, his arms plastered to his sides as the same arms that gave him the suit, came back up. This time the cases were far larger and as he watched them open, his mouth dropped. The weaponry they were outfitting him was the top of the line and could easily level a city. As they were attaching, he went over the large armory he had just become.

They transfixed a larger cannon on his left-arm which was, effectively, a miniaturized Orion railgun sitting on his arm. He twisted his arm around to view the gun completely. On the left side of the gun were three settings; Incendiary, Artillery, and simply 'Orion'. On his right arm, came a smaller attachment which fit over his forearm and wrist. He didn't realize what it was until the arms moved, but, it was a gauntlet that, when activated, slid down to become a four-foot long molecular blade. There were two more attachments (that he could see). One of the arms rested on his left shoulder while the other came around him and snapped onto his breastplate. The one on his shoulder was an; anti-aircraft weapon, grenade launcher, and miniaturized laser array capable of shooting down 30-40 missiles in four-point-nine-seconds. The one that came around his breastplate was a powerful 'deflector' shield which could withstand multiple blows from a ship-mounted railgun. To put it as simply as possible, he was a behemoth.

The voice interrupted his admiration of the weapons.

"This will be your normal battle configuration."

"Holy shit!"

"Is there something wrong?"

"I'm a fucking army! I can take down a city with this type of weaponry."

"That is the point."

"How many of us are there?"

"Just you."

"Why don't we make more!?"

"Too expensive and the mental fortitude needed to go through this process would normally break the members."

"How much does this suit cost?"

"With all pieces? Around a hundred-and-sixty-four million credits."

"You can build three more Hellfire-Destroyers with that!"


"And there are more configurations? Other than this and the normal?"

"Yes. There is the defensive one, which would make you a rolling fortress. The 'Speed' configuration which would allow you to outrun a Vhmey-Speeder, and finally a stealth configuration."

"Why do we need me? I mean, like, why did they create me? We aren't in any war?"

"You were created to prevent wars. However, you will also be used to assault the hiveships around Cre'sarak."

"I'm sorry what?"

"You'll be trained for two months before you're shipped off."

"I'm going to need some time...to just grasp what I am."

"Of course. You'll have two days."

"Will you be there with me?"

"Always. I'm your monitor."

"Can I name you?"

"Of course. What would you like my name to be?"


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