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Galactic Year: 2570
Galactic Month: November

Current Arc:
Rise of Asgard

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Mordeci Smith


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Mar 15 2018, 10:33 PM
Mordeci stood aboard the bridge of the IRS Bolter, a small Stingray Corvette outfitted for troop transport rather than picket operations. Normally he would not entrust himself to such a small and powerless ship, but something had made contact. It had breached the sanctity of his mind, beckoning, calling. He had complied.

Whether it be magic, or whether it be something else, he would silence it. His mind was his alone. It was his refuge, his sanctuary. And yet... here he was. Alone, save for a skeleton crew and every Witchhunter he had. Forty of the Reich's best awaited on the quarterdeck. He opened up a comms channel.

"Unidentified force, state your identity." It was short, and simple. The corvette entered the atmosphere, unaware of the orbital defenses that had let them past. He ordered the corvette to a position that, while intended to be random, had been subtly influenced my the presence in his mind...
Mar 8 2018, 02:51 PM
Carl checked his scanner. He had been sent with his partner, Joel, to check on reports of a dangerous AI force. Ever since the Reich had been toppled by the HELIX virus, Mordeci has started something of a vendetta on the machine world. He looked at Joe. "Do you think we'll find this thing?"

Joel shrugged. "Dunno. Keep your eyes peeled anyways." he said. Suddenly, the scanner beeed, and they spotted their target. In sync, they drew their Spitfires and their shields buzzed to life in front of them, their first volley skittering along the ground and walls of the city street as civilians screamed and ran for their life.
Mar 8 2018, 02:11 PM
A lone Vigilance class cruiser hovered over the target planet. Mordeci stood on the bridge, watching as troop transports swarmed towards the planet below. Nearly four thousand Inquisition Marines were on their way, several hundred still on standby just in case. He had heard absolutely terrifying reports of a species so horrendous, so evil, that he mobilized his fleet immediately. This was an all out effort from not only the Inquisition, but a number of corporations and small factions, along with a healthy number of volunteers and privateers.

A Witch Hunter approached him. "Grand inquisitor, you shuttle is ready, and the troops are ready to engage." he said. Mordeci nodded grimly, turning and moving towards his ship in the closest hangar. The fire and fury of the Inquisition would cleanse this world with a nuclear fire the likes of which has never been seen before. Every missile silo on the Vigilance was equipped with multiple high-yield nuclear missiles- all that was left of the old Reich's nuclear arsenal.

"Be advised all Inquisitional forces and aiding factions, you have three hours to loot, pillage, murder and urn anything you want on the planet before I issue the order to nuke it. I will not delay this. Following that, we will enter the atmosphere and finish off the survivors. Anyone participating in this attack, including mages should they quit their use of magic, will be pardoned and granted asylum in Inquisition presence, valid for life."
Feb 22 2018, 03:05 PM
The Inquisitorial Remnant

General Information
The Inquisitorial Remnant is all that’s left of the once glorious Inquisitorial Reich, a galactic power from before the Helix Conflict, and was the first to fall. Now, one of the Inquisition’s leaders have returned and has rallied the survivors to rise once more.


Before Mordeci and Krieg, the Reich was fragmented, a series of demon-resisting militia groups based on Guerre, simply trying to eke out a meager existence alongside the demons. Mordeci and Krieg came along, united them, set about to clear the wretched demons from the planet and unite the fragmented forces. Devastated and shocked by the evil the demons brought, they agreed that there was only one true way to destroy such evil- destroy all magic.

They turned their eyes to space, and soon spread across the stars to Sansisk by a tactical insertion and murder of demons.Next, they spread to Thenna next where they slogged through the jungles infested by spiders and took the planet. They had even developed plans to absorb several neighboring nations.

When Helix arrived, Mordeci split off with his Witch Hunters and pushed to what they believed was the Helix capital. Alas, it wasn’t, and the Witch Hunters were devastated, Mordeci the only survivor. Thenna was cut off when HELIX pushed hard, but they held the ground with a mix of Reich tech and Thenna jungles. Sansisk fell next, the entire population wiped out, along with Guerre, where the last of the Reich fleets held out. Afterwards, the Reich survivors joined the Imperium. Military loyalists stayed on a channel that allowed for them to hear if Mordeci made a return. And now he has. The Inquisition rises once more.

Starmap Information
Galactic Location

Floating around in the unknown regions currently

Major Holdings

Guerre: Former Reich Capital, currently up on the ‘to-capture’ list
Thenna: A group of Reich survivors currently hold on Thenna, their orbital craft destroyed and them cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

Social Information

Guerrean Humans (84%): An industrious and hardy lot, these folks make up the majority of the Inquisition.
Sansiskian Humans (2%): A monarchal and elegant society, these humans are mostly wiped out due to the Helix Virus.
Others (14%): While humans are the vast majority of the Inquistion, they do accept alien races, so long as magic is not a given for their race, such as angels or demons.


The people of the Inquisition are united under one absolute goal- destroy magic and those who use it with lethal force. The Inquisition has united with this goal, transforming their economy into a war economy and a population so induced by propaganda that mages are hunted viciously even by the average citizen.


The Reich was lead by two individuals, Mordeci Smith and Krieg. After they both disappeared and the reappearance of Mordeci, the newly christened Inquisition Remnant is lead by Mordeci alone in the form of a people-supported military dictatorship.

Technological Information
Technology Overview

The Reich was undergoing a major modernization when the HELIX virus struck. As such, the current Inquisition tech level is in a strange sort of limbo between retro-grade industrial style technology and high level technology.

Major Techs

Slag Rounds: A breakthrough in ballistics and energy technology, slag rounds are ballistics coated in a plasma shield, equally effective at armor and shield piercing, at the cost of specialization towards either.

AI Tech: The head scientist Alden Wells was making leaps and bounds in AI techs before the Helix Virus arrived, when all research on the subject was halted.

Stealth Tech: Before HELIX, the Reich was working on a top secret project in deep space, experimenting with high tech stealth devices. Research was never completed.


The Inquisition industry is vast and planet wide- ruined factories rise over Guerre and Sansisk, while orbital shipyards drift lifelessly above the planets. Currently, however, without a home, the Inquisition’s industry is halted, silent, waiting for the day that the people of the Inquisition come back and light the industrial fires once more.

Military Information

Space Forces
The Inquisition fleet is designed with the idea that each ship, while a potent individual, should be even deadlier when working as a unit. Each is built to build off of others, both larger and smaller. There are rumors of the Inquisition preparing a new fleet of unknown potential with entirely new craft, but nothing is confirmed.
Ground Forces
The Reich’s ground forces operate much differently than their space forces. The individual is worthless- only by overwhelming the enemy before a drawn out war begins can casualties be minimized.
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