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Galactic Year: 2570
Galactic Month: November

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Rise of Asgard

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Nikolai Orlov


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Mar 15 2018, 10:09 AM
Fog covered the cobblestone bricks that lined the city streets, the cool mist would spread some with each step he took towards the wall where Zone 1 laid. Dogs and people could be heard from behind him but he paid no mind. Behind the wall was the infected, deceased and the survivors of the terrible virus.Nikolai tried to find a safer way into the quarantine area but tonight just wasn’t his night. He approached the wall for a second before walking over to a small roof and he teleported onto it quickly and quietly. Once on the roof he could see the three moons shining brightly with the skie cleared thousands of little stars could be seen, some shining more brightly than other like fireflies. Blood Rusted Bridge could be seen below, a sight all too familiar to Nikolai. The old hospital could be barely seen some distance away, and the old park as well. He’d fight back some tears as he sat down criss cross applesauce looking out over the area. Those who were left wandered the streets, their bodies changed by the virus into monsters, bodies still littered the area, their insides torn out and blood dripping into the cracks of the cobblestone. In Nikolai’s left hand was two bouquets of flowers which he laid down next to him, as he sat there quietly with a few manly tears falling down his face. Nikolai would take out his little container of whiskey and start taking drinks. “Tis been five long years.” He’d say before ensuing a form of eternal silence. The screams of the dying could be heard and those who have gone insane in the breeze. The scent of blood, death and decay wafted from below.
Mar 3 2018, 11:29 PM
Nikolai walked through the sandy desert looking around. The cool air made his breath form into little crystals in the air, sparkling ad they drifted away. Two moons shown above him and the stars were dazzling to loom at, the blue and the whites were the most dazzling. The air of course was freezing cold as normal in deserts but he would take the cold above the heat any day. The wind was a blessing also it seemed to him. “What a nice night out. Reminds me of home. ” Nikolai would smile feeling at home and not wearing any layers to stay warm, just in a normal uniform and the things he needed and that's it. “How you doing over there?” He would ask Hypatia as they approached the cave entrance. It is bound to get warmer since rocks did absorb heat throughout the day, so sadly he would have to say goodbye to his chilly wonderland of cold air and bitter wind. They were hunting for a relatively simple yet could bring them in a bit of money relic. Just a rune with an unknown ability that had lots of magic and some power to charge a machine or experiment maybe. Nothing too fancy but a bit pricey. Nikolai would take out his flashlight and turn it on while waiting for Hypatia to catch up.
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