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Mar 15 2018, 03:49 AM
ODAC sat in his company factory thinking on what new product to work on after some much needed thinking he had an idea he would begin research on a type of cloaking that would do the same as staring into a black hole as in the naked eye wont be able to see it so first he'd have to understand black holes then think of a way to make that into a cloaking ability test it on a scaled down model work on scaling it up to fit a larger object test it in multiple environments for both the scaled version and the normal sized version figure out which type of ship could better from it work on a price then who to sell it to either way this is going to be ODAC's biggest project to date even more so then the commando droids and its by this understanding that he knows its going to cost a lot of resources and money
Mar 13 2018, 05:37 PM
ODAC realizes that upon further review on his diagnostics ODAC could tell hes built for heavy combat but his slow and lumbering self left much to be desired in combat so he started working on a lighter but still durable and built more tactical designed around being more team oriented and less of a team rolling unit of course this wound mean he would have to use lighter weaponry and most likely suppressed for what he had in mind he wanted something that could see in the dark the light used thermal technology but needs to find a adequate power for it if he intends to do that since he has vary little experience in energy based weaponry and even less in defending from it he focused on thinking of a way to give accurate protection to the unit from ballistic damage without weighing it down with heavy plating with all this data in mind odac got to work
Mar 13 2018, 08:29 AM
ODAC waits for his ally and possible business associate Aaron Almis to arrive once the invitation was sent in that time he has the workers get a product lineup set out so that once he gets here he can get a full view of the creations
Mar 12 2018, 04:38 PM
this is a summery of current units in the children of iron faction
hammer assault rifle pic
Hammer Assault Rifle

Can penetrate up to two inches of steel plating.
3000 round shielded belt.
Fires 30 rounds per second.
Connects to a targeting HUD.

Large and cumbersome.
The reloading process is not possible unless back at HQ.
EMP or electric based attacks can disable either or both the targeting computer or the firing trigger.

Length: 137 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Range: 600-800 meters
Ammunition: 50 cal, AP steel jacketed
RoF: 30 rounds/second
Additional Notes: Created in response to needing a powerful weapon for the AI units in the field, the Hammer is a heavy assault weapon. It is too heavy for standard infantry to hold, let alone control its recoil but perfect for an AI built around the gun for maximum lethality. The weapon fires steel jacketed 50 cal rounds fired at 30 rounds a second and able to punch through 2 inches of steal easily. Unfortunately it is a costly weapon since the gun itself costs 175,000 credits each, while each individual round comes in at 300 credits. One could ultimately spend 9,000 credits per second on the rifle, given its rate of fire.
It was produced by Odac, but later mass produced by the GSU with the following upgrades: Stabilisation jets that help reduce the weapon’s kick, and that the weapon is made of kalgenite with added smart-link capabilities that connect to the user's HUD or a robot's optics.
Mar 12 2018, 02:01 AM
Name: mobile rail tank
Owner: children of iron
Manufacturer: valiant arms robotics
Development Thread: n/a
Type: tank
Materials: titanium
Length/Height: 20 meters length /20 meters high
Rarity: mass produced
Weapons: 8
Armour: 5
Shields: 2
Speed: 2
Handling: 4

Notable Equipment
rail canon (a large rail system using electricity and magnets to launch a 5 meter long steel spikes at high speeds at the enemy)

heavy hammer assault weapon variant (x4)

a four legged quadroped tank with a large rail gun its ai controlled but its two main week points is the leg joints wich are lightly armored and the power generator in between its leg platform and its main gun that is heavily armored but taking out the legs first will basically make it a unmoving turret at that point
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