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Rise of Asgard

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Mar 8 2018, 11:47 AM
Somewhere in GSU teritory, Cole was sitting in a modern bar of sorts, video calling with his 'daughter'. It was noisy, difficult not to notice from afar. Cole's mech itself had GSU symbolism painted onto it to indicate he was part of the union. At some point he ended the call with the girl, she had to go to school and his security shift was up. He moved out of the bar and moved towards a large gate while blasting very old sounding music from his speakers.

Once at the gate the body of this robot reconfigurates into a huge turret with laughably huge amounts of weaponry up front. Under the main twin machine gun barrels the same cartoon skull was projected that Cole always used to present himself.
Mar 3 2018, 11:41 AM
Name: Keya, Lidy Gildas
Species: Syiin Illith
Age: First records being 3000 years ago on Jeslore. Her elven aging stops at the age of 26 wich is where humans begin to decay.
Faction: Intergalactic watcher's agency.
Alignment: Lawfull neutral.


-Spy. Of all agents working for the enigmatic (and officially non existant) watcher's agency, Keya is one of the most skilled one. Already a master of stealth, weapon handling, hand to hand combat and deception. She is considered uncatchable and often she can wreak havoc without revealing her presence. She is highly skilled at gathering information, be it with brute force, crafty stealth encounters or persuasion.

-Saboteur. Originally Keya was a saboteur for the immortals, that is where she got her training. During this training she was taught what the weak points of a defensive structure were and report these and if there were none she was taught how to create weaknesses. Major weaknesses that require very little outwards for to have this defensive structure completely collapse. It was there too that she learned to deflect using a unique dagger type.

-Uncatchable. As part of the enigmatic Watcher's agency Keya is an enigma. Governments outright deny her very existance and urge their own secret agents to catch her alive - she knows too much. But there would be no point in writing any of this if she was easy to catch. Files with descriptions of her are almost always reported missing and assassins either come back completely in love or in a box. Too slippery to corner and too dangerous to confront one on one.

-Right behind you. It is nigh on impossible to keep Keya out of a complex as she will always be able to find a way in. Be it through hacking, deception or straight up trespassing, she will always find her way to her mark. Almost always...

-Frail. For as skilled as Keya is, she is not that durable when she winds up taking hits. For example in her case operation: brawler she was ment to fight against someone in the boxing ring. She assumed the stance of an out-boxer but wound up taking one too many hits and nearly lost before assuming a swarmer stance. Point remains that it requires 4-5 good hits to knock her out and even less good shots to gravely injure her.

-Unfeeling. Due to a tough medical register it is obvious that she has a hard time forming any real emotional bonds with others. While this does cut down on hesitations or regrets it does lead to her making many enemies.


Overseer 308
-Paramount stealth suit. A tight sitting jumpsuit that protects against minor calibres as well as boasting minor stealth functions. Mainly the ability to switch through outfits in a mere second.

-Keya is an exceptionally good sneaker as well as knowing how to handle difficult weapons.




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Mar 2 2018, 01:02 PM

Name: Lightning Lash 5000 (Refered to as 'the silencer')
Owner: Special issue watcher's agency weapon.
Creator: Watcher's agency.

Development Thread: N/A

Type: Electric whip
Ammo: Normally handles like any whip but can sometimes emit electric waves.
Rarity: Uncommon.

-Range. As is usual with whips, the silencer has a much longer range than any other meelee weapon.

-Electric. The whip itself can be put under high voltage. Usually the whip is only used to kill a target when wrapped around the neck to strangle or exposure to excess voltage. The electricity itself is not actually used to kill but ment to cause spasms and disruptions. For example when used near the neck (wich is the reccomended area) the electricity will disrupt movement in the vocal cords wich makes the target shut up. Targeting the hands will cause an enemy to drop their weapons and so on.

-Difficult. To learn to use the whip effectively it requires extreme skill and alot of practice but once mastered it's a deadly weapon.

-Backlash. When faced with an equally skilled opponent it's possible to deflect the whip back into the user. Normally it has no failsafe and they will suffer the effects of whip themselves.

An electric whip. Usable as a stealth weapon or an alternative to a close range fire arm.
Feb 23 2018, 02:12 PM

Name: C1- 50MAP (Magnum Action Point) -FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) - HP (Hollow Point) -MP35. In the ranks it is commonly refered to as a 'Meatgrinder' for it's ability to mow down lesser hostiles down in numbers.
Owner: GSU
Creator: The immortals originally. Concept remastered by Cole.

Development Thread: N/A

Type: Portable wind-up gatling gun.
Ammo: 50 calibre magnum action point, full metal jacket with hollow point. Same as a desert eagle.
Rarity: Common. At least every security force, counter terrorism squad or heavy response unit has access to it. It is also very popular among mercenaries.


-Damage per second. Much like an actual gatling gun the firerate of a Meatgrinder is highly praised. Despite being loaded with 50 AP bullets (incredibly dense ammo) it is actually irrelevant what ammo is loaded into the weapon. Due to the firerate even blank shots can kill a man over considerable range. Due to the extreme firerate it even has the ability to punch through medium armor at best by creating a sheer wall of bullets.

-Versatile. The Meatgrinder is light, adjustable and very lethal as well as extremely reliable. By default it is nearly impossible to have the gun be un such bad condition that it jams, this is mostly thanks to the crude yet effective wind up mechanism requiring as little maintenance as applying a bit of grease every now and again and the rest of the mechanisms being well protected from wear. In addition the meatgrinder has a variety of modifications available (Ranging from technical mods like windup engines, scopes and heavy stocks to more cosmetic ones like camo jackets and ammo monitor color), resulting in the gun often being personalized to the taste of it's carrier.

-Light. Due to it's light overall weight (not counting ammo) the gun with the properties of a gatling gun (Wich is often restricted to heavier classes) can be used by lighter classes. This enables a strong fortification and opens up the possibilities of prolonged suppressing fire from unexpected angles. The weight in particular makes it popular among lighter and more agile units, including reconnaissance personnel, security guards and initial response units. Due to it's high price tag it is primarily unused for terrorist/criminal goals. Sometimes though mercenaries carry them.

-Anti Personnel. The properties, ammo type and limitations make it an excellent anti personnel weapon regardless of the quantity of personnel.


-Anti tank. Due to the ammo's nature the Meatgrinder has difficulties dealing notable damage to tanks/juggernaut class body armours and power armours. It can make dents and serve as a feasible distraction however on heavier armors. At close range however it is more effective against heavier opponents but still undesirable.

-User-unfriendlyness. The Meatgrinder comes with large 350 round 'spiral' magazines, despite it's clip size reloading is an all too common occurance with the meatgrinder when used against multiple opponents. Magazines are large and hard to carry around.

-Price tag. The Meatgrinder's total price tag lies at 250.000 dollars per gun (274.765 including taxes). Meaning that they are largely unaccesible for civilians unless they are stolen. This is not including the price of ammo and shipping and optional mods.

-Acuracy. The Meatgrinder is best suited for close quarter combat. Over medium to long range the acuracy of the gun will greatly suffer due to the kickback and the length of the barrels (wich is 10cm each). Bullets will often spread unpredictably making it incredibly dangerous to use in hostage situations.

-Mechanism. The Meatgrinder functions on a 'wind up' mechanism that involves a handle under the barrels with a cog that when pulled back does not turn and instead pushes a band that spins up the barrels while pushing it forward has the cog turn making it easy to repeat the movement and keep the barrel spinning (much like a bicycle). This makes the gun extremely difficult to use, for one the speed of the barrels spinning dictates the firerate, it needs to be turning at 400 rpm wich translates to 4 - 5 jerks every 2-3 seconds to keep the fire rate at it's maximum potential.

As a result of this mechanism the user must be in fit physical condition as when the barrels are turning below 130 rpm it will refuse to fire, this was implemented as a safety lock. Not only does it often result in a laughably huge tennis arm but also will the constant jerking below the barrel reduce the afore mentioned acuracy even further.

Based on an old immortal infantry weapon the newly installed weapons designer and manufacturer for the GSU named Cole took the original concept and unleashed it's hidden potential for the GSU. Now capable of loading powerfull ammunition and being operatable over longer ranges it also comes with seperately purchasable modifications purposely designed for this weapon:

-Wind up engine.
An electric engine that is to be mounted under the barrels. Slide handle into the exact middle of the area below the barrels. Place the included cover lock behind the handle then place the engine in front of the handle. Engine among wind up includes: Laser pointer and flashlight. Greatly improves the stability and acuracy.
Mod price: 50.000 dollars per piece (54.952 when including taxes.)
It requires a High-performance lightweight lithium portable batterypack of 2,685 Wh with a Rated voltage of 25.9 V, charge 104 Ah. But only of the micro version distribution. (Batteries not included, but available at most hardware stores.)

-Lengthened barrels.
A new set of barrels to be mounted onto weapon each about 40 centimeters long. Greatly improves acuracy and stability.
Mod price: 15.000 dollars per piece. (not including civilian taxes.)

-Hydra supressor set.
A set of supressors that can be mounted onto the barrels to reduce the weapon noise. Not compatible with the lengthened barrels.
Mod price: 35.000 dollars per piece (not including civilian taxes.)

-Experimental reinforced reciever.
Greatly improves the handling, acuracy and stopping power as well as the range and fire rate of the weapon. Includes experimental genesis magazine that houses 500 rounds.
-Mode price: Not sold to the general public. Units and civilians deemed egilible for testing will be offered a chance to order the modset for 25.000 dollars (not including taxes).
Feb 13 2018, 08:04 AM
It's been a while since Kat has done anything to keep herself modest (By comparison as she was now.). When she was younger she always promised herself that she would never become a tyrant like the people she had to obey for a while years before reaching space tech. The ones that would put children on the chopping block for stealing, something she managed to avoid by a hair. Whenever Kat felt close to introducing some awfull new laws one of her first decisions would be to take a hiatus. Wich was she was going to do now but instead of going back to parhichi to seep away in luxury she felt it was more apropriate to return to her roots. So she had a tailor recreate her steampunk themed thief attire she wore before becoming the pirate queen.

She put on this clothes and it was quite a change as these showed slightly more skin than her ruler outfit with the trousers being shorter. Additionally she didnt have her guns anymore, her only 'weapon' was a wrench that she could use to whack enemies. Landing on the planet with minimal supplies to survive she would spend the next months stealing and living the way she did as a child. Only with one way back: a radio device that she could NOT lose under any circumstances...
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