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Mar 16 2018, 11:35 PM
Name: Anrí
Species: Possessed Human
Age: 23
Faction: Who do they work/fight for? (If none put N/A)
Alignment: Evil

Anrí is a normal sized woman, her eyes are red and orange like the fire and blood magic she uses. Her long blonde hair is tied up with a slight ribbon. Her complexion is fair and untainted with age, the face is pretty. She wears a Victorian like clothing with black leggings and dark brown-red boots. Her hands are covered with beautiful black gloves that go up to just below her elbow. (For some pic ref for picturing: https://sta.sh/2sfmw22hxju?edit=1)

Anrí is extremely quiet, not saying much in the name of words. When she does speak it's quiet and to the point.

Speed (like dodging quickly and obstacles) she is very fast, like ghostly fast
Bleeding - she can lose large amount of blood, even more than humanly possible



Do they have any weapons or items of significance?
A blade tipped spear (on both ends, see it in the stash link above), she used the spear by splitting its hilts in half and using the blades on the other ends. From there she could fight normally, if she needs to though she would use her own blood magic on herself and use her vast amount of blood as a weapon. Often cutting herself to gain that much blood.

Do they have supernatural powers? If not, describe what they excel in naturally.
Blood magic - one of her specialties, she used her own blood to do such attacks, she can use it as an extra sword
Fire magic - fire is imbued with her blood magic as well, when she uses it it can catch alight
Sight - she can look through one of her bird companions eyes

Write as much as you like about your characters back ground


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Mar 13 2018, 02:39 PM
Name: Deimos
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Mountains surround the city with shrubbery, small woods around and within the city which is set by a large fresh water sea. On the other side of the mountains the terrain is still very much the same with it becoming more mixed the further away from the mountain one goes and the farther north and south they are.
[b]Size: Large
Population: 90% Human (both infected and uninfected)
Location: Any

Development Thread: If the planet contains any powerful locations or objects, a thread must accompany the submission to earn the right to create such a place.

Scientific Industrial - advanced, radios, space travel and defenses (though the defense industry has turned towards the city with the outbreak occurring), cars, motorcycles, guns. The most advanced weapons is given to the military like plasma blasters just for example. The citizens are forced to use blades etc.

City’s Name: Isiniale
Deimos was colonized by a human colony that was the planet’s surname. The expedition did not have the same elements on this planet as on earth so they had to figure out new ways to use it to build structures and weapons etc. What was once a small town quickly became the huge city is it now today (roughly 100-200 miles large) The people who founded the whole expedition were declared scholars, the leaders were declares the monarchs along with their families. The monarch’s closest friends became his or her advisors. The whole government is set up as a monarchy as a result. A hundred years after its founding the main city doubled in size, major rules and classes came about in a caste system and the monarchy reigned supreme. Magic developed as well as experiments, infrastructure and other things. It is around this time in which the plague struck the large city, the monarchy would fence off certain areas completely regardless of whether they were healthy or not. Slowly the virus would spread and the scholars and scientists would start to research into what was causing such affliction, it was magic all along. The monarchs would continue to section of areas of the city as the virus would spread, the people would begin to panic and turn against their leaders, friends and family, even the military and the guard meant to protect them. Assassinations became a common occurrence, as well as murder of those who show signs of the affliction. The balance of daily life was thrown out the window who show how much money and have any amount of power within the daily live of the people.
Blood would riddle the streets, homes would be barred up in the quarantine areas. The people would be walled off from the rest of the population. Havoc would occur and those who are the strongest (wether in the final stages of infection, insane or just trying to survive) would remain.

History of the Virus -
The virus started in Zone 1 (What was once known as Kenrio Park) when a mage decided to start experimenting with something that was not fully understood. It started with the lab tests, his family was the first infected, from there is spreaded to their friends and anyone who came into contact with. The mage’s family was quickly pronounced either deceased or pronounced insane and sent to hospitals. This turned out to be an even worse mistake, this helped the virus spread and strengthen even more leaving the mage alone (since it was his magic he is immune) and slowly going insane as well. This would lead to the quaintens and other extremes the monarch took during this unknown outbreak. The monarch has yet to set out laws that restrict the use of some magic for personal uses or banning it all together as no one knows what really causes the virus.

The city is based off of gothic victorian architecture with a slightly modern twist to it. The homes are not all red inside and gothic, it is advanced with some very old gothic pieces thought (spiral stairwell, large bookcases etc.) The city is build upon cobble stones and bricks and the mode of transportation is either by carriage, or ground motors. Air travel is common in the docking bay for immigrants and those coming to the planet to visit family. Water wise the city is based near a large fresh water sea.

During the nighttime three moons could be present the largest being Urania (the white moon of mothers) then Brania (the black moon of fathers) and finally Ilani (the red moon of blood and death). Urania and Brania represents the starter of life - mothers and father. While Ilani is the moon of death and the keeper of life - the blood.

Slavery - There was once slavery here and still is but it is not as large as it used to be

The Virus (Muertos) - Muertos is the virus that was brought about by magic. It spreads through contact with blood and possibly the air. The virus would start out with a simple day or two of day life symptoms like a fever, cold sweat, nausea etc. Then nothing, after a few days it would hit again, attacking the nervous system, causing muscle spasms, throwing up blood and coughing up blood as well as other flu symptoms. Hallucinations would occur, physical changes and mental as well occurs but it is different from individual to individual. Blood would finally start to leak from the eyes, mouth and ear. Insanity is very possible as well as death. No one is safe from the virus one they are exposed, it can kill babies, children, the young and the old quickly and suddenly. It is a very violent and painful death indeed.

The aristocracy monarchy -
The Monarchs are ruled by a reigning family. Right now the monarch is Count Jacobe Gyles he was a stern yet kind ruler that has become corrupted as or late from what is it not known.

Military and Classes -
When someone is born in a certain class he or she is stuck in the class of birth. The only people who are not able to join the military are the lower classes, and only the middle and upper class may join. The only time that a lower class is accepted into the military is via a contest through a dueling contest, here the top three winners can and may join the military for a better living for their family.

Major Locations
Virus Quarantine (Zone 1)
Caustle Shaudo - Where the church lays, here is where those infected the the Virus are put in hopes of treatment at first. But and the infliction got stronger, more deadly and more terrifying the Caustle Shaudo is full of those who went into insanity either when treating the infected or just from the illness itself. Like many of the other quarantined areas blood it everywhere, with the smell of rotting flesh and death and despair. The place is full of dust, rats, ravens and unused instruments as well as furniture.

Zone 1 - This is ground zero where the virus started. A mage had conducted the experiments that lead to the outbreak is left there and is still there, going insane from the magic and the occurrences in the zone. Zone 1 was a ten mile section of the city and it now a ghost town save for the grotesque infected and insane still wandering the bloodied abandoned streets.

Bloodrusted Bridge (One known as - Gylesstead Bridge) - Like many other bridges connecting the areas together past the quarantine zones this bridge was destroyed and burned to prevent any chance of someone crossing over, no regards to weather he or she is infected or not. A massacre occurred here during the quarantines where all the citizens tried to get out of the area via the bridge. The military acted by killing anyone who came too close to the bridge which was being walled off at the time, eventually they set fire to it as well. Regardless of if a child was present or not.

Tristeria Hospital - Once the greatest hospitals in he city. It was where the virus really started to spread due to the busy atmosphere during the day and during the night with the night shift. Now it is ruins, with the screams of the infected and dying still being heard throughout it's five store floors. Things that were once used are now either destroyed or bloodied and even dusty with cobwebs and other disgusting things in life. The wood on some walls has been destroyed trough natural ways or unnatural ways. This old hospital is an extremely dangerous area since a powerful infected insane roams the halls hunting for any uninfected to attack and kill. Rarely would it go outside unless in pursuit of prey.

Eventually the infection would take up ⅓ of the city, splitting families apart from each other leaving the survivors to pray for death within the quarintine area or the fall prey to the insane once human beasts that prowl the streets and houses looking for any way to drive off what they are seeing and feeling in any ways they could.

Outside the Quarantine Zone
Kasile Library - The place for research and writing even reading of course. This is a huge library almost taking up a whole block in the city and it four stores tall. It houses many books, archives and electronic data bases on the history of the city and the planet, viruses, etc. just like any other library in modern day. The council used to meet here when the city was first developing from the town and where the original monarchs sat there is a statue depicting each one of the thirteen founders. Offering are often left at the statues and honors are conducted here.

Isinaian Castle - Where the monarchs live along with the advisors, coin counter, etc. Here is the place where every decision is made for the city nowadays. The king and the queen live here with their three adult children as well as members of the military, upper classes and sometimes a middle class family here and there. No poor person may enter upon its grounds without permission or of utmost importance.

Venator Cazadores HQ Info - https://sta.sh/0vgafkjgzrs

Sea of Laminar - the fresh water sea in which the city of Isinile is situated next to as its main source of food, and water. The waters are clear and crystal but where the plague has been quarantined and struck the waters is red with the blood of its victims.

Marlgo's Oddity Shop - Sample of the tissue from the virus and other diseases are here for study under careful sanitation and tests. People may go in to see what other marvels of mutations and beasts are kept here are specimens. Anything from conjoined birds, deer, and other creatures are kept here as well. It is the place of research for the human body and it's limits as well as other beasts. The building is stone walled with steel doors, barred windows and wooden laid atop of steel walls inside and the floor is carpeted as well. This place is creepy as well as fascinating. Hunters can buy equipment from here and ask for upgrades when dealing with certain targets etc.
Mar 1 2018, 09:52 PM
Name: Nikolai Orlov
Species: Human
Age: 30
Faction: None
Alignment: Neutral

Nikolai has medium length dark brown hair, as well as a few stubbles for facial hair. He likes to keep his hair and facial hair slightly maintained but it is still a bit messy at time for his hair. His blue eyes are cold and piercing but at the same time warm and unforgiving. He body is built as a soldier but it is not like he is on steroids, his body is lean with some muscles. On his shoulder there is a tattoo like this: https://sta.sh/01mc90qgtlh9

Long Ranged Weapons, Close Combat

Dodging bullets, his bracelet (he is extremely attached to it)


Pistols, grandes, rifle, small sniper gun, a bracelet with a sapphire eagle emblem on it

None, he is just a normal human

Nikolai was born into a small militaristic family on the planet of Deimos. He was the eldest twin as well are a small bit bigger than his younger brother. His father as always on active duty and he got to see him a few times every years with his mother and his brother often visiting him on base. Their mother was a at home mom, making sure that they got to school on time and making sure they do their homework and grow into respectful young men. When the twins were old enough Nikolai would sign up for the military while his youngest brother took the shield. From basic training he would go on to train for space combat as well as the special ops. He loved his job but he grew sick of it and decided to branch off, keeping contact with the squad he left behind. Along the way Nikolai would meet a beautiful woman by the name of Asni. They got married when Nikolai was the age of 23 and Asni was 20. Two years later they were expecting of child. Sadly those few happy months were short lived as the plague struck. Asni was quickly infected with her body supporting both her and their child, Nikolai would stay by her side until their child was born. Sadly a few minutes after their baby passed from the world since the infection had took too much from the child. Both Ansi and Nik were so happy to have those few minutes with their baby which was soon turned into despair.


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Feb 24 2018, 11:43 AM
Name: Ayala
Species: Kenari
Age: 20
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral

Standing at 5.6 ft and weighing at a healthy 150 LBs Ayala is a relatively healthy Kenari. Her skin is clear of scars, slightly tanned as well as soft. Her eyes are heterochromia eyes, meaning that their coloring for both eyes are different throughout the eye. She does have the adult markings for a Kenari but they are only visible when they glow, otherwise none could see them. Her face is delicate and her eyes bright and happy as they glow slightly in the dark. Her favorite food is magic and her favorite dessert is life. (What her eyes, marking and hair looks like: https://sta.sh/22cyf9pvmpxj?edit=1 )

Ayala the ever calm, quiet and happy. With her bubbly personality (when it’s there) she could get quiet side tracked easily at times if she is focused on something for a long time (like boring paperwork, or sitting there in waiting) When she goes focused on something she loves she gets into a trance like state and would need a tap on the shoulder to get her out of it as everything around her would be canceled out. If someone gets her mad at them royally don’t worry about it since in five or ten minutes she’d be like nothing ever happened. A few things that would make her sad is whenever an animal is suffering, or someone is crying as she is a very empathetic individual.

Close-medium range combat
Absorbing and eating life and magic forces (everyone needs to eat am I right?)
Disappearing (teleportation) - there is there one moment and gone the next

Must eat at least every 48-72 hours
Blood clotting - it doesn't clot as fast as a humans blood

Do they have any weapons or items of significance?
There is a necklace she always wears, it's a simple glowing orb that glows on and off. What it is is a closely guarded secret.
Ayala also has a beautiful bracelet full of beautiful cat eye gems (mostly purples blue and green) with twine holding it together.
Her favorite weapons are he daggers which she has hidden in shelths on her back. Ayala also has

Teleportation: in the names itself. This teleportation isn't the normal kind, no. It is connected to the Demonic Bridge, so she has to watch how many times she does teleport. She has to limit how many times she teleports and uses it as a last resort.

Empathy: A sub power of Telepathy. Where she could sense the feeling and emotions of the people around her. This once almost drove her insane until a doctor told her about it while she lived on Rhiannon. So she had to learn how to block it out on her own and then she is okay for the most part. This ability is for great use on the battlefield.

Ayala was born on Rhiannon during the summer solstice (where the moon and sun would become visible existent for a whole week) to a married pair of Kenari. She entered herself in an insane asylum when she could hear people's thoughts and feel their emotions thinking she was crazy. After she found out she was not insane when visiting the asylums doctor she and the doctor worked hard to help her only be able to use her abilities when necessary. The two became quiet close and the doctor became an older brother figure to her. Whenever the serial killing started in the asylum by an unknown assailant the doctor was killed as a result.



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Feb 18 2018, 04:16 PM

The ability to sense, see and track down the use of magic and its users, including psionic users. They are hunters who need to live off of magic and its forces in order to survive due to a magical insufficient and a demonic bridge.
Stealth, strength and speed

Sadly the hard reallty lf being able to survive off of only the magic and life force of others is the harsh reality if they cannot get what they need to survive (this is in the stages of relapse)

If the Rhiannon does not eat in 48 hrs - a week then he or she would start to relapse. This is the first stage and it is much more milder than the later stages. The person would start to get a heachache and feel tired all the time. This occurs for a few day then it just ends like a common head cold or a flu.
The second stage starts to worsen the stages of relapse. This is when the headache and tiredness comes back along with nightmares and a delirious and inattentive sense to the person.
Now the more physical changes occur in this stage. Vomiting and coughing occur and there is still major pain widespread. The persons eyes would become bloodshot almost due to the amount of coughing. Coughing up and throwing up blood occurs also, pains, fever also occur.
Now here’s the even worse part, actual physical changes happens. The person could painfully sprout extra limbs or wings from his or her back, spines could break through their skin, in the end they become grotesque and their voices change to sound like many in one. The markings would darken to a much darker shade and their eyes would be completely bloodshot. Coupled with the symptoms and the possible lack of sleep and energy their mind starts to go haywire. As the mind deteriorates the relapsed person would be considered too far gone and would go rabid almost. Killing anything and anyone in its path it deems as a threat. Stage four is the final stage and the husk of the person that once was is gone. The only resort is to put him or her down to prevent any further suffering.
Those that are saved from relapse often face months of recovery, with physical and mental therapy. Even then things may not be a hundred percent but it depends on individual to individual.

They look mostly human except they are creatures that run on either the life force of a certain person, either a sibling or someone they love. Their eyes are usually bright and unnatural colors, like a bright purples, blue and green for example. The hair of this species is mostly black with a certain color in different area, like blue tips and white highlights for example. The colors glow in their hair as well as marking that fade in over time, so by the time they are thirty or so their markings are already faded in but they are not visible unless they glow via use of magic or something is wrong (like in severe pain, anger etc.)
The males and females have long claws which look like normal fingernails when they are sheathed and have mostly the same internal structure as a human or an elf, except when they open their mouth a glowing light, almost like fire, could be seen. In reality it's the magic and life force the being has eaten. Their canine are incredibly sharp and their bite force is incredibly strong, almost to the point of crushing bone, the male only can unhinge their jaws for some reason.

The blood of a kenari is very dark in color, almost black. It can be thick and almost sludge like at time but it can be acidic depending on what stage of relapse the person is in.

The Fire is what they believe in. The Fire is what gives them extra light and warmth in the cold winter and the fire os what they can worship if wanted.
They don’t believe much in gods but the Fire is their way of life to provide hope for when a few seconds of sunlight shines through to the clouds and onto the surface.

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