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Feb 12 2018, 01:54 PM

Name: Millitaur Type Alpha
Owner: Hydrangea, anyone they are sold to
Creator: Hydrangea-tech

Type: Cybernetic Soldier
Ammo: N/A
Rarity: Common

Hydrangea-tech Shields - These shields are located at the front of the Millitaur. While very effective, these shields can be destroyed by sizeable amounts of firepower or force.

Speed - The Millitaur is designed to move at extremely high speeds. They can easily reach speeds of 200 mph. A well-functioning Millitaur can go from 0 to 200 mph in 15 sec. The Millitaur’s upper speeds can reach up to 500 mph. However, the Millitaur begins to lose control over 200 mph. At 500 mph the Millitaur can only run in a straight line.

Combat AI’s - Every Millitaur is fitted with the same AI at production. These Combat AI’s are always programmed to be proficient in close-quarters combat. They are only proficient with Electro-Spears. However, due to the capabilities of the AI, it is able to learn how to use other forms of weaponry and it only gets better the more it has fought.

Young - If a Millitaur is relatively young, or of little experience, then it becomes extremely easy to dispatch them.

Organics - Every Millitaur has organic parts. These parts draw on the Mana around them and this mana is harvested from these living organisms to power the Shields and the Millitaur’s insane speed. However, these organics, which are located in both the “man” torso and the “horse” body, offer huge weakpoints. While they happen to be under thick, dense protection, they can be easily targeted.

Long Range Combat - Most Millitaurs are practically useless in long range combat. As such, if sizeable firepower can be aimed on them, then the Millitaurs can be easily destroyed.

The Millitaurs, weapons developed by Hydrangea-tech, have a dark history. While practically impossible to create before the Helix Wars, Hydrangea-tech quickly took advantage of the high number of displaced refugees. Putting these people into artificial comas, Hydrangea-tech was able to artificially increase their processing of natural mana. After heightening these levels to heights that would typically only be experienced by an adept magic user, Hydrangea-tech began to experience problems wher the mana would begin to destroy the bodies of the test-subjects.

As such, Hydrangea-tech was forced to switch over to cybernetic enhancements. This was how the Millitaurs were developed. Simple and easy to manufacture, Hydrangea-tech began the systematic conversion of unwilling refugees into death machines. While originally slow, the process was fine-tuned and mass production of the Millitaurs ensued.
Jan 24 2018, 08:12 AM
This is merely a thread for me to store ideas and pictures. If anyone else would like to use this thread to store stuff or to talk about ideas that can either be private or collaborative, then please do so.
Jan 12 2018, 07:21 AM


Name: The Madrys
Owner: Elizabeth Penree (Helix, though not on paper)
Manufacturer: Manufactured in the Tekken System

Development Thread: N/A

Materials: Titanium plating, polyfiber sheets, Steel
Length: 400 meters
Rarity: Unique

Weapons: 5
Armour: 6
Shields: 6
Speed: 3
Maneuvers: 5

Notable Equipment
Warp Systems
Centurion Functions - Contains 100 Helix Soldiers
Reflector Shield
5x 50 cm Rail guns
20x 3cm armor piercing machine guns
50x rocket powered missiles

Madrys was developed in a joint venture between Elizabeth Penree and the remnants of Helix. The two of them designed and built Madrys within the Tekken System, away from prying eyes. Now, after two years of building, Madrys was finished and ready for use. Piloted by the relatively young Helix Fragment, Madrys-543, the only other crew members were Elizabeth and Tengu-306.

The ship's hangar doors are on either side of the ship in the middle of its length. The Bridge is located on the top and approximately 50 meters behind the hangars. A force to be reckoned with, it will take ordeals for someone else to be invited on board. Especially no Varanus are allowed within the ship. Mainly because Elizabeth would then become an enemy of the empire...

Dec 5 2017, 02:51 PM
More info to come (probably tomorrow)

Roughly a century ago, a cult dedicated to Anubis thrived. While it was small, the cult soon grew exponentially. In the present day, they have no single large gathering, but rather, they have a countless number of small covens around the galaxy.

The goal is to hunt these covens down and destroy them. Whether that means death or something else is yet to be determined and will most likely be a case by case decision.

As of now, there are a total of ten covens, with members ranging from 10 - 100 per coven. Locations of covens are yet to be determined, but will be once interest is shown.

Will involve Deiryn:

Is anyone interested?
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