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Yesterday at 02:38 pm
Station #: A100128ZE

System Location: 15 degrees 35,000 light years from Earth

System Title: Panthera Terran

Number of Stars: 02 (suns)

How Many Worlds: 01 (gas giant)

World of Orbit: Panthera Prime

World Status: Uninhabitable

Defining system traits: Massive Asteroid field that litters the entire system and are rich in minerals

Designation: Crock Pot

Function: Mining/Trade/Refueling Station

Inhabitants: Unknown, estimated at around 3.5 million different sentient life forms.

Alignment: No affiliation with any galactic faction

The Crock Pot, intergalactic space station made for the express purpose of mining under the law of the UEG. However after countless galactic wars, change of owner ship and several large additions the Crock Pot is now privately owned and acts almost as a world of it's own, allowing all to enter. Now the station accommodates over 3.5 million inhabitants of varied races as well as a hefty drone labor force, three asteroid gravity wells to pull in the massive stones and allow the mining of there minerals in the relative safety of the station, 16 trading docks with the ability to house cruiser size vessels, more then enough civilian living spaces, 12 automated farming domes, 36 security barracks compartments, 1 upper class block that houses the staff in charge and a large host of varied empires defensive armaments turning the station into a variable fortress capable of deterring most attacks and flights of fighters and attack craft ranging from destroyers to battleships. The station Has weathered it's fare share of ion storms, pirate raids, meteor showers and a number of other forms of galactic destruction. It has seen several repairs, refits and additions since it found orbit a few hundred years ago and is still scheduled to maintain it's long life at least until all minerals are exhausted within the orbiting asteroid field. Today is just another day and finds the station having an influx of traders and other space fairing folk due to it being a asteroid cracking day, a day where three fresh asteroids have been pulled in by the mining wells and masses of fresh minerals will come pouring out.

The station was humid that day and thick with the musk of it's inhabitants, the oxygen recyclers had been in overdrive over the past six hours in an attempt to keep up with the influx of people who where all here for the mass of resources that had been flooding out of the three fresh rocks, the asteroids that had only started being mined that morning and there was still a countless number of trade vessels and transport ships awaiting there turn to enter the station as they were held outside to prevent from overpopulation of the already strained systems of the station. The large trade docks where stuffed with vessels however, some even docked in the same bay to attempt to get in earlier but would find they would have to face hefty fines for these illegal acts and loss of all trade rights for the next 72 hours. A more then busy day in the Crock Pot, IT's heads of staff brimming with pride at the influx of business as there already hefty bank accounts would almost double in the events of today. A truly lucrative day for the station and anyone else here to ply there trade or muscle, taking advantage of the heavily populated facility.

Feb 25 2018, 06:05 PM
Solar date- 13 march

EDF Priority Transmission code# 110652341117893

Transmission to: Bounty boards Unlimited--- now posted on Galactic Bounties List

Location: Signere III, Outpost Alpha IV

---Beginning Transmission from EDF Personnel Magistrate Talon Flynn---

This is EDF's Magistrate Talon Flynn of the Signere III colony, last night a meteor struck Outpost Charlie VI and we have lost all contact with the colonist's and EDF guards posted there. I have sent the Sheriff of Outpost Alpha IV with chosen members of our defense staff at this outpost to investigate and I am currently awaiting there response. I am posting this mission as per EDF directive on this very instance and will await the arrival of any Mercenaries or bounty hunters willing to accept the task at the Signere II Alpha outpost IV space station which will use a guidance beacon for all incoming individuals using the Transmission code of this message.

---end of first transmission---

---beginning second transmission---

This is EDF's Magistrate Talon Flynn of the Signere III colony, Received Transmission from Sheriff but was relatively Cryptic only telling me to come home, I wasn't certain of the meaning of this and it has been a total of 36 hours since the meteors landing and according to EDF Directive I am now upgrading this bounty to a Priority task and will meet the require minimum completion price of one million credits. This job is of the upmost importance and time is of the essence.

---end of second transmission---

---no further transmissions---

The planet of Signere III was relatively cool, the air was usually a cool 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 15 degrees Celsius) making it a relatively easy colony for humans to thrive in. The world was green and covered in lush planes of grass with pockets of thick evergreen trees and other vegetation though it's most notable feature was the massive mountains that dotted the beautiful landscape. These might pyramids of stone stood usually alone unlike the mountains of earth's mountain chains. These natural constructs could sometimes reach into the atmosphere of the world creating beautiful formations of clouds that quickly trailed around there mighty slopes. Nuzzled between these massive wonders of the world could be found Outpost Alpha IV, I was in the middle of a large field that trailed to the base of the three mountains that were in close proximity and the most notable structure there would be it's space port. The large flat tracks of metal were deigned to hold the massive cargo freighters that would supply the colony though nowadays in the colonies life cycle it was less necessary though today it was outfitted to hold the variety of Mercenary vessels that would arrive to land here. The fuel tanks were topped and the maintenance crews were on standby but the most notable figure was Magistrate Talon Flynn. He was a tall human male, a little over six feet in height (182 Centimeters) and had black hair though it was graying at the base. He looked like a relatively hard man with some rather defined wrinkles and almost gray eyes while wearing some kind of dress uniform almost akin to that of an older military uniform. HE stood there proudly with his arms crossed behind his back as he greeted the mercenaries who arrived though there didn't seem to be many as most feared the reproductions by the GSU for working with the EDF. He sighed though a few vessels arrived but he looked to see a series of other vessels coming in as he adjusted his cuffs and waited for there arrival.
Feb 6 2018, 08:43 PM
A desolate desert, hot, dusty, dry and too much sun, that's how one would describe Teras IV. Second closest planet to Teras prime, the systems sun and home to a backwater colonizing project by a private company that had recently but out the bounty to find it's missing colonist's and arranged there meeting on this desolate dust ball. A number of mercs, bounty hunters and just anyone looking to score big on this job had arrived after hearing the big payout of loot for this mission. They all had gathered at the small space port surrounded by a small colony town, several bio-generators for terraforming and even a large barracks structure and auto turrets meant to defend the colonist's so what happened to them? As the group of unsavory, self absorbed ruffians began to gather about the honestly awful smelling digital display you could hear them begin to complain and whine about how long this was taking but shortly after the complaints began, the display sparked to life. "Welcome!" A portly man appeared in a holographic form, he wore nice business attire and looked human and was at least in his late 60's, was he the owner of the company? No one really knew as the company itself had been around a while but was quite obscure about it's business practices though the were known for hiring colonist's up to try and colonize hidden back waters in an attempt to gain an edge on bigger companies. As everyone grew silent the man on the screen cleared his throat. "So.... is this thing on?!"He looked off to his side with a glare but then seemed startled as he looked back to the screen. "Oh...Oh good evening!" he boomed. "I am the acting head of Boolion Co. and would like to welcome you to one of our largest acting colonies though as you can tell besides yourselves its rather empty. We have called you all here to solve this in fact.... over the past few weeks we have had 36 fledgling colonies go dark and when we arrive the colonist's have all disappeared." he wiped the top of his bald head with a rag as he relayed this info and then played a tape to show the men there. IT showed the auto-guns view from the facility as the machines A.I suddenly malfunctioned and began gunning down the guards and pinning down occupants in there home but then the odd thing happened as some shadowy entity that then broke into one of the homes and began to drag people out. That is when the video stopped and returned to the older man. "We dont know what or who is doing this, all we know is they only attack at night and they somehow take control of our defenses..... Whoever finds these ruffians and stops them will be paid a hefty sum of gold, not credits for there time. I can assure you that this gold will not bounce anywhere you go and will be brought to you on our latest drop ship which will also be a reward for your deeds. You can start looking for clues here but please hurry, were certain one of our colonies will be attacked soon... I can just feel it!" The transmission cut off as a strong foul smelling gust of wind blew through, this would be a long investigation.
Feb 5 2018, 06:15 PM
Name: Drop spine

Owner: Py'Lal

Manufacturer: P'Lal

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=184

Type: This bio-form is designed to drop from orbit and impact the surface, burrowing itself part or all the way beneath the planets crust before unleashing torrents of smaller bio-forms with the ability to carry at least a thousand basic combat bio-forms and one hive mother to continue the birthing of more bio-forms somewhere safe on the surface of a hostile planet.

Materials: This bio-form is made up of mostly type 2 chitin and impact sinew to allow it to easily survive the fall from orbit though it has no weaponry to defend itself, though it will use the army stored within its massive body to push away attackers.

Length/Height: The drop Spine is usually around 65 meters in height though it can be taller depending on what they are carrying and around 25 meters wide all the way around and are essentially massive bone spike.

Rarity: common


Weapons: 0

Armour: 10

Shields: only when stationary (5)

Speed: when launched it is a (10) but after it impacts it is a (0)

Handling: 3

Notable Equipment
The Spine will be loaded with nearly a thousand lesser bio-forms and often much deadlier beings to be quickly dispersed through armored pores across its form allowing them to quickly exit the beast upon contact with the world. They also have a spore chimney at the top which only when landed will release barrier spores to help defend itself from attack.

The Drop Spire is less of a bio-form and more of a plant in reality, it doesn't come with a brain or what someone would consider one nor any real instincts other then to root itself into the ground of the world and produce the spore while all of the other functions it seemingly controls is actually being performed by the hive mother deep within the confines of this armored being acting as almost a parasite or symbiosis to order the creature to open its pores or for it to force its way deeper into the planets crust for safety. These will be dropped in mass upon hostile worlds to rapidly create assaults in the most unlikely of places and create foot holds for larger Ozia leviathans to land safely and being dropping even more bio-forms. They will usually be dropped in the hundreds to ensure utter conquest in the easiest way possible, numerical superiority.
Feb 2 2018, 12:08 AM
Name: Senti Ghost's

Owner: Py'Lal

Creator: Py'Lal

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php...wtopic=184&st=0

Type: Stealth Bio-form

Weapons/Ammo: Living munitions weapons are heavily used by the Senti due to there versatility but they are also known for using type 1 chitin blades and sinew whips tipped with poisoned spines in melee. There are some with more advanced weaponry for designed for specific tasks unfocused bio-electric spines for ambushing masses of infantry or short range incendiary bio-plasma.

Rarity: Rare

The Senti utilize the Ghost shifting evolution to essentially make themselves not only invisible but also incapable of being touched or effecting the material world. However powerful this is they must take it off to engage in combat which is why they are usually equipped with close range weapons. They are breed for ambushing heavy groups of infantry and excel at it.

The Senti come with the weaknesses of the ghost shifting such as having to reveal there position before attacking and being revealed by strong sonic pulses by the crackling orange energies. They are also somewhat fragile, having very little in the way of type 1 chitin armor even only placing small plates in front of more vital areas such as the chest and the head which allows them to move rather quickly allowing them to conserve energy for there ghost shifting.

The Senti are breed to be the masters of ambush, using there Ghost shifting to get into perfect placement and then unleash torrents of close range fire upon unsuspecting infantry and then slipping away before they can be properly countered. These creatures will not usually have to wait long for there prey as they are often used on heavy battlefields to disrupt troop movements and logistics though can be easily countered by any kind of decent armored vehicles if they are spotted as they are not equipped for such targets.
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