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 The Ruin Act, Laws that bans sentient AI
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 03:58 PM
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"Machines do not feel.....They do not dream.....They are nothing more then tools fabricated to assist organic life to reach it's full potential.....Any machine that believes itself to be alive is nothing more then a echo of it's creators....Any machine that believes itself above it's creators is a disease that must be cut from the body of the galaxy."-Dominus Ngu'Var Kurr.

Rules of the act:

Sentient AI may not step on Imperial Soil {Exceptions are made for diplomats and representatives of other powers but even then they are escorted by Military forces}

No Imperial governing body may develop Sentient AI or use it for their own purposes,instead closed VI {Virtual Intelligence} or {Data restricted} are to be used.

All state or citizen AI must be developed and coded with restrictions to prevent self-modification.

All synthetic populations are considered {Non-Sentient beings} and is not protected by Imperial citizen laws.

History that led to the act.

The Varanus always had a distrustful history with AI,the Sigma wars nearly destroyed their people and their galaxy leading to a deep hatred embedded in the long-living race.

Upon arrival to the Milky Way they found it necessary to automate many systems to help aid in the redevelopment of their society,but AI and computing was still a underrated factor in the Varanus-dominated Imperium. However there was never a law passed against AI during the reign of Emperor Sagess who wanted to include more machines of the Zodarrin who were willing to work for the empire.....This led to the recruitment of a machine agent who served the empire faithfully.

This was soon to change after the Sabaton-Flickr Campaign that made the Varanus face the AI of the Sigma War once again....Despite their victory and the capture of the AI who is still held under lockdown in New Serpentum,there was a growing movement of generals that wanted to restrict the rights of machines and render it as the tools they always saw it as.The movement did not gain much traction.

Then the Helix War happened.....

With the death of the Emperor and his heir,the generals took control of the shattered Imperium,working alongside the Viscount to keep the exiled government united,and in order to sate the anger of the generals....Viscount Raxus agreed to take a court vote against the machines should they win the Helix War.

They did.

One week after their victory the vote was cast......An majority voted yes for the act and the following day a edict was passed and the act {named after the planet Helix was defeated on} was implemented.

Many machines were deported and those who refused to leave were silently removed...To this day many military figures Varanus,Human or otherwise still retain a hatred for sentient machines.....A hatred born of fear.
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