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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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The Reich, a returning faction of magic-haters, resurface and initiate a purge of the planet Ordriey, destroying it entirely in the process. This event has made all of the Major Factions uneasy, even though each of them has bigger concerns of their own. Not only are there issues for these powers to deal with, but more factions are rising from the ashes of the Helix War, populating the galaxy once again.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Architect Sam'anar has discovered a way to reverse large parts of the Convergence, sending back many of the planets it had brought into the galaxy. Whilst this move has saved many from unwanted threats, it has also shifted the layout of the galaxy drastically. Because of this, new star-charts have been drawn out with Hyperlanes, allowing them to show the quickest and safest routes between planets.

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The Varanus are a extra-galactic bipedal reptilian species with genetic ties to dragons,once having an natural affinity for magic that now remains mostly forgotten.There exists two major subspecies of the Varanus each with their own distinctions and roles in society.

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Apr 16 2018, 05:47 PM
A cup of hot green tea stood in Sapphire’s hand as she sat at the controls. She was deep in thought. Somehow she had got a pirate legend off a planet and by her ships. Most of the last two hours she had forgotten as it usually happens when her demon takes command. That said she did remember the insults and still had the want to teach the pirate manners. How was a good question. Different things the pirate had said did surface. Bossy, stubborn prick of a pirate needed to learn to loosen up and have some fun. An almost wicked smile showed on Sapphires face as she got an idea. She made a call to one of her favorite employers.

”Succi do you come in? I have found someone that needs to learn to loosen up if you'll be up for some fun in a few hours? May need the landing code.”

The young pirate legend would wake up on a bed in one of the small rooms. Her weapons would be gone but the door was unlocked. Upon awakening the ship would ask if she needed anything and would alert sapphire.
Apr 11 2018, 11:44 AM
Name: oklopni liječenje (armored treatment)
Owner: Sapphire.
Creator: Sapphire and Ayala

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=605

Type: full bodysuit. Spacesuit/armor
Magic Resistance: 5
Physical Resistance: 7

Rarity: Unique

Flexible- Thanks to its design the user can freely move as if wearing a second skin.

Lightweight- keeps from restricting speed.

Healing- the armor was infused with sjajno zdravlje (glowing health/healing bones) the armor is made to act like the sjajno zdravlje and will work to heal the person if the person is ignored.

Slightly magnetic- so things tend to stick to the suit.

Flexible- since it is made from interwoven medal and not one peace it does not block or spread the blows which bruises the aria. The suite will not heal these because must be cut to allow the sjajno zdravlje to touch the skin.

Water- thanks to its energy based repair system water can ruin its self repair abilities. It can also increase the chance of electronic shock to anyone in the water which can be deadly.

This armor is specially designed to be comfortable and durable. Made from Microlattice plates and Graphene infused fabrics. it quickly repairs itself magnetically. These repairs are tipperary but will hold long enough to make it to a safe location to fix.

If it is broken the sjajno zdravlje cream will touch the wounded aria. This will allow the bone to do its job and heal the user. Same rules will apply as the sjajno zdravlje in regards to healing ups and downs.

Most of the suit is made from interlocking hexagon Microlattice plates upon the Graphene infused fabrics. There are diamond shaped solar panels along the spine that help produce the charge that helps the suit with self repair. Those are a silver color as the rest is black.

The helmet is made like a hood that fits loosely over the head to a visor that connects to a air filtration system that can hook to a oxygen system if need be. The entire system is air tight.
Mar 22 2018, 05:05 PM
Name: sjajno zdravlje (glowing health)

Owner: Regulus, Sapphire and the Phlanaid people.

Creator: first discovered by Lem the owner of merc gear and junk ink. Rediscovered by a ragtag group in attempt to get some high-end tech in the black market.

Development Thread: na

Type: bone powder.

Use: used mostly as a powder to speed up the natural healing process. Also used to keep the user looking and fillings young.

Rarity: Rare

Essay to apply
Quick acting
Must be wet to work.
Tuff to harvest
Hard to find.
Use on open wounds hurt like salt on a fresh cut.


Bones from a creature that went extinct long ago are spread across the universe but the highest consideration is located on Phlanaid. The bones resemble the bones of a snake than could have eaten dropships easily. So if you are lucky enough to find it may think they found the motherload but in truth only the bone on the top that glows glue can be used the rest is just as useless as any other bone.

The story of its discovery goes something like this. There was a battle among the stars and the ship of a young outlaw was shot down. In the crash he almost died his body littered with cuts. His ship trashed. He found shelter in a cave were he passed out on what he thought were rocks. He awoke the next day completely healed. or so the story goes. Though the native probably used it on him.

What can be found is put in a powder before added to water and applied to the skin or the womb to help heal and return the body to prime health.
Mar 19 2018, 06:53 PM
Normally Sapphire would not be in this port unless she was picking up goods. That said she was not here for the usual. No she was here because she was gunned down and arrested by a freaking spy. Yes she survived but that really made her question her ethics of not having armer or an actual weapon. So here she was looking for merc gear and junk crop.

Sapphire was wearing her normal cargo pants and brown leather coat. Her gear was in her belt where it belongs. The city looked just like most rundown towns. A bit of trash,a lot of people, tall buildings. That is when Sapphire noticed the small shop. The name on the sign said Roberts pawnshop but she knew it was only the cover. The building was of old wood and smelled of age and dust but that too was a cover. Sapphire walked in and started looking through the legal goods as she awaited an old friend to appear.

Lem found hurd the boots and immediately went to the register. Only so he could grab his gun. “relax Lem it’s just me. I needed some gear.” she yelled at him and he smiled. “you and your damned USC boots, Sap. You know how i feel about them.” lem said relaxing a little. Sapphire simply rolled her eyes than walked over to the counter. “yea yea. So what do you have in the department of armor.” she said “depends how much you have and what you're looking for.” he replied. “I need something that can stop a bullet and not slow me down. Might be nice if it does not make me stand out in a crowd.” Lem started tapping his fingers as he thought of what would fit her description.
Mar 17 2018, 10:31 PM

This shield is made from energized plasma. When not in use it returns to the spot. When in use the shield is a 3½ foot wide by 5 foot tall ovil. The base and most charged color is a bright blue and color changes from there. At full charge it is full sized and can stop most one person weapons. As time pases it srinks slowly and its effectiveness also starts to fade until it returns back to the spot department.
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