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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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Whilst each planet has their own personal Dates and Times, most of them adhere to the Galactic Standard Calendar when communicating with eachother.

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The Reich, a returning faction of magic-haters, resurface and initiate a purge of the planet Ordriey, destroying it entirely in the process. This event has made all of the Major Factions uneasy, even though each of them has bigger concerns of their own. Not only are there issues for these powers to deal with, but more factions are rising from the ashes of the Helix War, populating the galaxy once again.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Architect Sam'anar has discovered a way to reverse large parts of the Convergence, sending back many of the planets it had brought into the galaxy. Whilst this move has saved many from unwanted threats, it has also shifted the layout of the galaxy drastically. Because of this, new star-charts have been drawn out with Hyperlanes, allowing them to show the quickest and safest routes between planets.

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The Varanus are a extra-galactic bipedal reptilian species with genetic ties to dragons,once having an natural affinity for magic that now remains mostly forgotten.There exists two major subspecies of the Varanus each with their own distinctions and roles in society.

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Jul 20 2018, 06:13 AM

Orbital Platform Over Chiron

It had been around ten minutes since Regulus had arrived on one of the many orbital defence platforms over Chiron, who was currently waiting yet again in the hangar for another mission.

That was until the attack commenced, and his ten-minute wait managed to triple. The hangar was full of activity and then suddenly, the station began to fall. No one really noticed it initially but the first sign of it was all the power going out, causing the station to become utterly dark. And then, if one were to pay close enough attention to the outside, they would notice the planet underneath them becoming bigger and bigger.

Having lost all power, to its thrusters, the gravity of Chiron began to influence the station, and now it's orbit was slowly decaying. It was only then that the previous GSU official, the Lady with whom Regulus had previously collaborated appeared. She had a slightly worried expression on her face as she hurriedly approached him.

"Regulus, I have a job for you." She said as she stopped just in front of him. "It's urgent. The station it's... it's in free fall. If you don't help us fix this right now then everyone here will be dead." She said, urgency prevalent in her tone.



The attack came suddenly, hordes of demonic creatures in their thousands stormed the surface of the planet and killed anything that got in its way. Each creature stood 7-foot tall, with four arms and each hand featuring razor-sharp claws capable of cutting through metal. Their heads were eel-like, that featured a circular jaw full of needle-like teeth and a red slit on each side for eyes.

They charged forward at alarming speed, invading bases and catching unsuspecting researchers and soldiers by susprise, tearing them to pieces with ease.

The ones who had managed to react to the situation didn't last long either, only managing to get a few shots at the creatures before going down in a mess of blood and gore. A planet-wide alarm was issued through all comm channels, informing everyone on it of the attack. Military attack vehicles were deployed, and railgun sentry turrets activated, while the soldiers on station on the planet struggled to retaliate against the sudden invasion.

And then, after a few minutes, the comm channels shut down, as well as some of the vehicles. All without apparent cause. And that is when the invasion intensified, turning to complete and utter chaos.
Mar 15 2018, 11:09 AM
Colonial Marines

Enlisted Ranks
Lance Corporal
Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
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Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant
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Major General
General of the Marines
Mar 9 2018, 03:59 PM
Convergence Warpspace

Introduction - Cosmic Plane
The Cosmic Plane is a different, hidden dimension of space that is existent across the entire Convergence Multiverse. The realm is composed of pure, volatile white Cosmic Energy and virtually inaccessible to most civilisations, except those that have reached the highest levels of technological sophistication. The existence of this realm allows for the Convergence Multiverse to thrive without fading away or violently collapsing. In the Cosmic Realm, there are far more than just three dimensions that exist in standard space, which is outside the comprehension of most mortals existing in the Convergence universe.

Primary and Secondary Layers of the Cosmic Plane
The realm itself is also composed of two primary layers. The first layer is the one just described, filled with white cosmic energy that is almost completely inaccessible and extremely hostile for any spacecraft, even the most heavily shielded. Where or how these white cosmic particles come about is unknown.

The second layer is far more accessible and can be used by virtually any civilisation that has developed even the most rudimentary type of faster-than-light travel. This layer consists of fewer white cosmic energy particles, which therefore makes it less dangerous for ships to travel through. It is this layer of space that is typically referred to as “warpspace/”slipspace/subspace” and is the means through which all civilisations travel vast distances in the cosmos, through the use of FTL drives.

Technological advancements in FTL travel
Level 1:
This type is for civilisations who have just discovered FTL drives. The technology is rudimentary at the start, but it gets the job done. The drive allows spacecraft to safely transition between normal and warpspace without the craft being torn apart and vapourised by the alternate realm’s harsh environment. Travel between star systems in the same sector can take days to weeks while travel to other sectors, especially those across the galaxy can take weeks to months to accomplish. Jumps are not always pinpoint accurate either, with spaceships possibly ending up a few kilometers away from the intended system

Level 2:
Civilisations who have been space-faring for many years now are likely to have produced more advanced FTL drives. These engines enable spacecraft to traverse systems in the same sector within a few minutes to hours while travel to other sectors, especially those across the galaxy could take a few hours to days. Warpspace jumps are a lot more accurate.

Level 3:
Only very few civilisations would be able to reach their stage, and in doing so it would take a long time. Travel to virtually anywhere in the galaxy is instantaneous. Destination arrivals are pinpoint accurate. Civilisations who achieve this speed of travel often set their sights outside their galactic neighbourhood and begin to travel to and explore other galaxies. Depending on the distance to the galaxy traveled, the duration of the trip can take from several months to years due to the vaster distances covered in comparison to the mere distances between stars.

Feb 27 2018, 02:52 PM
May 2054

The three watched as a small drop ship entered the hangar. They were stood inside a frigate currently docked with a refuelling station, in orbit around Earth. Aaron stood with Bob and Natasha on either side of him, watching the ship swivel around 180 degrees and finally touch down against the hangar floor.

The troop bay door lowered down into a ramp and a figure emerged. He was wearing white armour with some dark blue highlights and detailing. He had on his back a designated marksman rifle and a pistol magnetically stuck to each outer thigh.

"So that's our new guy.." Bob commented as they watched the soldier walk towards them. "What's up with his armour colour?" Natasha sighed.
"Whatever, I'm just hoping he's not like those hot-headed troopers I've had to deal with before I joined the team." She said.
"Yeah." Bob replied.

"Sebastian Nicholas Duarte reporting for duty sir!" The soldier barked, as he stood at attention as soon as he was only a few feet away from Aaron and performed a sharp salute.
"At ease, soldier." Aaron's calm voice came through his helmet's external speakers.
Feb 24 2018, 06:59 PM

Name: Eric Wilson
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Age: 37
Faction: Inquisitional Remnant
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Experienced with a wide range of firearm weaponry.
Experienced in the use of melee weaponry.
Apathy for his enemies.
Technological enhancements to his body offer an advantage in battle that normal Humans wouldn't normally have.

Technological enhancements to his body can be disrupted by EMP attacks or short circuited by electric-based attacks.
He has most of the weaknesses normal Humans do, aside from some enhancements.

Plasma arm cannon.
Bionic eyes.
Armoured plating fused to his chest.
Salvaged Elite Commando body armour with some aesthetic modifications.


Eric was brought up on Guerre in a family that was part of a militia group banded together to fight and survive in the constant struggle with the Demons. He had to enjoy losing his parents and close friends quite quickly in his life as he grew and trained with the militia to become a soldier. These losses, coupled with the rigorous training he had recieved made him very cold in personality, although he still developed rapport with fellow soldiers.

His militia group was one of the many others to be united together by Mordeci and Krieg and under their leadership, the newly formed Inquisitional Reich wiped the Demons from the planet. He willingly participated in extra planetary engagements against Demonic territories on Sanisk, taking the planet as their own. The Reich's next target was Thenna, the dominion of which Eric took part in as well. His faction then went on to absorb several neighbouring star systems into their factional territory.

The outbreak of the Helix plague proved a devastating opponent against the Reich and the faction was soon shattered. Thenna and Sanisk fell, and the remaining Reich fleet made a last stand at Guerre but eventually, the fleet was overwhelmed and destroyed. Krieg was killed in action while Mordeci mysteriously disappeared with his Witch Hunter group. Eric was among many who took part in the last stand on the surface of Guerre, and he had to personally endure watching his comrades fall one by one until eventually he too was overwhelmed with gunfire and incapacitated during the battle.

If it were not for some remaining Reich soldiers who had dragged him onto an escape shuttle, Eric would have died. Soon, they arrived in Imperium territory and sought refuge there, which they were granted. Surviving Reich scientists made mechanic replacements to his damaged body parts. These included a robotic arm to replace his mangled right one, a pair of bionic eyes that replaced his burnt organic ones and a large, organically shaped metal plating that was fused to his chest to seal up the gaping wound opened up in it from Helix weaponry. His legs also recieved some metallic reinforcements as he was no longer able to walk due to energy weaponry rendering them almost inoperable.

While many Reich survivors chose to remain with the Imperium, Eric left the territory after refitting and modifying their escape shuttle and chose to distance himself from anyone he knew. Over time, he became a bounty hunter and joined the Bounty Hunters' guild on Orion Station and became very experienced in newer forms of combat and weapon usage, as well as some familiarisation with galactic orientation. However, some years later Eric picked up a radio broadcast on a very old channel - it was Mordeci calling all remaining Reich loyalists back to serve. Eric did not even hesitate and instantly set out to round up as many survivors possible, eager to return to the glorious days of hunting Supernaturals.
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