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 reaper mk1, drone intersepter fighter
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 06:41 PM
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Name:reaper mk1
Owner: Santori
Manufacturer: valiant arms robotics

Development Thread: N/A
Materials: steel
Length: 85 meters
Rarity: Mass-Produced

Weapons: 3
Armor: 1
Shields: 1
Maneuvers: 5

Notable Equipment
-modified hammer assault weapon standard
-reflective coating over the armor to give vary little protection from laser weapons

lightweight interceptor fighters what they lack in armor they make up for in speed and firepower they use a kinetic based ammunition similar to depleted uranium rounds they would be used to fight off hit and run pirate units or fend off fighters and drone interceptors long enough for you to warp out
this being said their main armament is a heavier version of the hammer assault weapon that I make for the gsu and they would be tied to a onboard ship black box meaning each ship with one of these the reaper mk 1's will make it their goal to defend those first these fighters are drones
 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 06:06 AM
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