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 The silencer, Lightning Lash 5000
 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 01:02 PM
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Name: Lightning Lash 5000 (Refered to as 'the silencer')
Owner: Special issue watcher's agency weapon.
Creator: Watcher's agency.

Development Thread: N/A

Type: Electric whip
Ammo: Normally handles like any whip but can sometimes emit electric waves.
Rarity: Uncommon.

-Range. As is usual with whips, the silencer has a much longer range than any other meelee weapon.

-Electric. The whip itself can be put under high voltage. Usually the whip is only used to kill a target when wrapped around the neck to strangle or exposure to excess voltage. The electricity itself is not actually used to kill but ment to cause spasms and disruptions. For example when used near the neck (wich is the reccomended area) the electricity will disrupt movement in the vocal cords wich makes the target shut up. Targeting the hands will cause an enemy to drop their weapons and so on.

-Difficult. To learn to use the whip effectively it requires extreme skill and alot of practice but once mastered it's a deadly weapon.

-Backlash. When faced with an equally skilled opponent it's possible to deflect the whip back into the user. Normally it has no failsafe and they will suffer the effects of whip themselves.

An electric whip. Usable as a stealth weapon or an alternative to a close range fire arm.
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 10:36 AM
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