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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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Whilst each planet has their own personal Dates and Times, most of them adhere to the Galactic Standard Calendar when communicating with eachother.

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The Reich, a returning faction of magic-haters, resurface and initiate a purge of the planet Ordriey, destroying it entirely in the process. This event has made all of the Major Factions uneasy, even though each of them has bigger concerns of their own. Not only are there issues for these powers to deal with, but more factions are rising from the ashes of the Helix War, populating the galaxy once again.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Architect Sam'anar has discovered a way to reverse large parts of the Convergence, sending back many of the planets it had brought into the galaxy. Whilst this move has saved many from unwanted threats, it has also shifted the layout of the galaxy drastically. Because of this, new star-charts have been drawn out with Hyperlanes, allowing them to show the quickest and safest routes between planets.

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The Varanus are a extra-galactic bipedal reptilian species with genetic ties to dragons,once having an natural affinity for magic that now remains mostly forgotten.There exists two major subspecies of the Varanus each with their own distinctions and roles in society.

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Apr 5 2018, 10:58 PM
Cassandra would find herself awakening from her visions forced upon her by the hive mind that was Eva. She would give her these little respites from the torturous visions of the hell the all mother was creating outside this prison of flesh and it would only allow her to reflect upon the deeds that this insectoid monster had done. Why was she chosen to suffer like this? Why did Eva even have to exist? These would be the questions that would run through Cassandra's mind as the haze of these forced visions took hold of her once again though the usual cold grasp of the hives touch she could only feel warm as this vision took hold of her. As she slowly opened her eyes however she would find herself not looking upon war torn skies as usual but would instead see a beautiful blue sky as the form she saw through sat up and looked about the golden fields of what appeared to be some kind of crop not to dissimilar to hay. The being would slowly look down to see its three fingered insect like hands just above an extra pair of arms with only two fingers. It would slowly stumble as it finally stood up and as it took in a breath of the fresh air Cassandra couldn't believe it. It was almost as if she was breathing in the air herself, like it was the first real breath she had taken in her life and it just filled her with joy. The being looked about and could only see fields as far as the eye could see before looking back down to it's hands again, all for of them.

As a strong breeze caused the crops to wave like a golden ocean the creature closed it's eyes as it shielded the sensitive orbs from wind. The being twitched it's antenna as it tried to decide which way to go before a feeling of terror washed over the being, the memory of being used as a test subject before pushing it to move away from where it felt the most people where on this planet. The being would walk for hours through endless fields as smooth black drones would come by so often and water the fields. It would continue like this for what felt like days as it pressed through the crops, trying it's best to not to alert anyone of it's presence as it continued on it's seemingly endless march. Was there anyone actually alive on this planet? Maybe it was just an agriculture world ran by drones or maybe it was abandoned? The being thought of so many possibilities but none seemed to sit with it as it finally came to a clearing but as it did the sound of something fast before being struck in the head by a large object threw it to the ground and stunned it as the normally fatal wounds of being ran over by a speeder would heal almost instantly though the being was somewhat dazed as it sat up. Seeing a shadowy figure come at it caused the being to freak out as it tried to get away but was grabbed by whatever or whoever was looking at it but as the creatures eyes adjusted it would make out an elvish looking woman with nearly black skin and silver hair. Her eyes where an odd gold color and she had a confused look as she looked over the odd insect and then smiled. "A...are you alright?" She asked as the creature settled down a little and took a more defensive posture. "Im sorry... I didnt mean to run you over but....What...what are?" she paused as she realized the being had healed from the wounds given to it by the speeder.

"I mean.... I did hit you didn't I?" she asked though the creature did not speak as the woman tried to understand the terrified being. she took the creatures hands into her own and took a look at the odd black metal rings around them causing what appeared to be lettering to show in a brilliant blue light. She squinted for a moment as she seemed more curious. "Ever shackles? why are these on you? They only put these on ships to hold them in place and..... there fused to your wrist's? I think I can help...what does this say.... E....V....A....Evangelist Laboratories?......" She thought for a moment as she picked the terrified creature up that attempted to struggle but was easily overpowered by the women as she placed it in her speeder, a feeling of terror washing over the being as she grew closer with a smile. "No, no, no! no reason to be scared... Im a friend alright.... a friend..." she then looked back to the bands around her wrist and thought to herself. "Im gonna need to call you something....." she then looked into the creatures eyes and smiled. "I think I'll call you.... Eva!" she said with joy as she drove off to her farm.
Apr 4 2018, 04:22 PM
The deep tunnels of the hive where warm and moist, the sounds of birthing creatures could be heard throughout as the endless production of new bio-forms would continue day in and out. Billions of beings could be formed a day of varying shapes and sizes as this monstrous worlds, this living factory would use the supplied materials to feed the hive mothers who would then proceed to form new beings from the templates given to them by the empress herself but every so often a Prime would be born. Weather it be from substantial amounts of bio-mass or even the sacrifice of a powerful being to be turned into bio-mass, it was unsure but the fact was that Primes would be formed every so often by a hive world. These beings would be smarted, faster, stronger and just plain deadlier than there more common variants within the hive and would do great and horrible things in the name of the all mother and empress, Eva. There was a Prime for almost every breed within the hive save for the command bugs. These creatures themselves would surpass any prime and due to there complex construction it was believed to be impossible for them to form into a Prime until today. A being that was formed under the original hive queen birthed by Eva herself, she would awake much different then the others, instead of immediate purpose known and knowing her place she needed to fill within the hive she would awake confused and cold. The light of the hive mind would find itself somewhat skewed from her mind as she could feel none of the beings around her. This startled the creatures of the hive as this had never happened before and they would surround her with chitters and screeches as they attempted to communicate with her, this child who was lost from the light.
Mar 20 2018, 03:46 PM
Name: Dorin Worm

Owner: Py'Lal

Manufacturer: Py'Lal

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=184

Type: Missile/worm

Materials: Sinew, chitin type 1, Bio-plasma and magnetic gasses

Length/Height: around 2 meters in length and 4-5 meters wide

Rarity: Mass-bred


Weapons: 10 (suicide)

Armour: 3

Shields: 0

Speed: 10

Handling: 5

Notable Equipment
This bio-form is designed to be a massive long range living missile. It can be birthed to use a variety of different munitions from being one massive bio-plasma bomb to containing thousands of smaller beings within that will turn it into a cluster bomb of sorts. Its is extremely fast due to the reaction created inside it where it's magnetic gasses that are usually used for flying within the py'lal will have bio-plasma introduced into those sacks causing an explosive reaction propelling them at immense speeds for long distances whilst leaving a green, ink like trail behind them.

One of the biggest issues of many of the py'Lal biological weapons is there shorter range to most of there mechanical counterparts. This needed to be remedied somehow and there fore this suicidal worm was designed. It will either bore into the ground of world or asteroid to create a form of chamber to contain the explosive reaction it uses to fly and direct themselves out for far distances, in space these will be contained within specialized leviathans to act as artillery ships and can even land on the ground increasing the range of these beings due to the specialized duct they will take root in.
Mar 18 2018, 07:37 PM

Name: Laghin Commander

Owner: Py'Lal

Creator: Py'Lal

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=184

Type: Command node

Weapons: Being one of the few bio-forms that can cause evolutionary changes to fit a current task the Laghin can make changes to it's armament and that of its more evolutionary inclined forms under its command.

Rarity: You will only see this in command of an entire army group meaning you will only ever see one at a time. (rare)

Intelligent, and capable of changing themselves, these beast are made to not only be good tactical leaders but to be survivable as well, having access to some of the most advanced evolutionary abilities within the Py'Lal

The beast itself is inherently designed to be survivable and smart but it's purpose within the hive not only makes it a easy and big target but also a weakness to it's entire army group, killing it can cause a form of backlash among the beings attached to it causing them to go somewhat feral until the empress takes full control to counter this. However this can take upwards of three hours allowing a smart opponent to take advantage of the broken army.

Laghin where designed to fulfill a command role within the hive, they can think tactically by accessing the empresses long memory as well as adding to it by analyzing hostile tactics. Being around three to four meters tall they are larger then any human and usually have a bodyguard escort at all times whilst they direct from a safe location as they can see through the eyes of there army group.
Mar 18 2018, 03:46 PM

Name: Denzhi Guardian

Owner: Py'Lal

Creator: Py'Lal

Development Thread: http://convergencewars.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=184

Type: Heavy infantry

Weapons: This creature uses it's massive crushing claws as blunt force weapons or too slice through armor as well as being able to generate bio-electric bolts from the spines on its back allowing it to counter clumps of infantry. It also comes with the ability to use Ghost shifting for short periods of time.

Rarity: Will only be seen guarding command forms in small groups (rare)

Heavily armored and armed, these beast's specialize in close quarters combat and defensive operations as they are made to protect more important beasts of the hive.

They are only fast in short distances allowing them to block attacks meant for there charge but after that they are relatively slow and can be goaded into charging a target due to there aggressive nature, they also are extremely hard to bread making there be very few of them.

These beast's are some of the deadliest the hive have to offer and will always remain in close proximity to command Bio-forms such as a puppet master or Tallign commander. This makes them quite rare to even engage against but if you do they are meant to be feared. They are extremely strong and have short bursts of speed that allow them to usually catch there prey and if that doesn't work they can ghost shift allowing them to hide for a short period of time and gain an advantageous position on there opponent. Handle with extreme caution if you find yourself face to face with one as there will always bee two more to contend with nearby.
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