Welcome to Convergence, a galaxy of battles and politics. Numerous Factions contest planets each for their own purposes. Will you join one and assist their conquests? Or will you become a Lone Wolf and carve your own path to becoming a Galactic Legend? Almost anything is possible in the Galaxy of Convergence.

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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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Whilst each planet has their own personal Dates and Times, most of them adhere to the Galactic Standard Calendar when communicating with eachother.

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The Reich, a returning faction of magic-haters, resurface and initiate a purge of the planet Ordriey, destroying it entirely in the process. This event has made all of the Major Factions uneasy, even though each of them has bigger concerns of their own. Not only are there issues for these powers to deal with, but more factions are rising from the ashes of the Helix War, populating the galaxy once again.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Architect Sam'anar has discovered a way to reverse large parts of the Convergence, sending back many of the planets it had brought into the galaxy. Whilst this move has saved many from unwanted threats, it has also shifted the layout of the galaxy drastically. Because of this, new star-charts have been drawn out with Hyperlanes, allowing them to show the quickest and safest routes between planets.

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The Varanus are a extra-galactic bipedal reptilian species with genetic ties to dragons,once having an natural affinity for magic that now remains mostly forgotten.There exists two major subspecies of the Varanus each with their own distinctions and roles in society.

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May 10 2018, 04:47 PM
Name: Nevroghol Crimosh
Species: Orc
Age: 31
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good


Great Physical Stength
Proficient in melee combat
Good with firearms

Bad Attitude

Titanium combat axe
Ballistic Light Machine Gun
Titanium machete

He is a strong fighter who is skilled with his melee weapons and firearm.

Nevroghol is called Nev by his crew mates. He lives for the thrill of combat and is always willing to accompany his boss Jagos when he is off of his ship pursuing a bounty even when he doesn't deem it necessary. He has fended his ship from boarding attempts and often mans it's turrets to fight off enemy vessels. Despite his strengths he can be quite brash toward his crew mates. His less than ideal attitude is one of the reasons why Jagos prefer that Nev stay at the ship rather than accompany him off of it. There were recorded events of the Orc getting into fights at rough places such as bars.

Despite his personality, Nev would never hurt his friends and is always willing to keep them safe...unless they perform an act of betrayal that is.



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May 10 2018, 03:10 PM
Name: Jean Fournier
Species: Human
Age: 25
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good


Skilled Engineer
Quick on her feet

Too Trusting-this can sometimes lead her into trouble
Easily Distracted

Engineering Kit
Laser Pistol
OWS-5 Shock Mace

She is extremely skilled in tinkering and repairing machinery.

A woman of French descent who came from a poor upbringing. Throughout her life she was always fascinated with the worlds around her and the beauty that they each had to offer. Her parents wanted her to achieve a higher education, and barely managed to save up enough money for Jean to be able to do so. Jean worked for her major in Space Engineering, and after she graduated from the university she worked for a brief time aboard a mining vessel in order to help support her family.

At one point she was approached by one of her crew members requesting the codes into the vessel's engine bay. Sensing nothing suspicious, Jean gave him the codes. Unfortunately, said crew member turned out to be a terrorist, and he along with several other terrorists in disguise hijacked the ship and rigged it with explosives, threatening to destroy it along with the nearby mining colony if their demands were not met.

Other security vessels arrived and a standoff ensued. Jean was kept hostage along with other surviving crew members for days until finally a special forces team infiltrated the ship and killed the terrorists, but not before they hit the self-destruct button.

Jean was the only person extracted in time before the ship exploded, destroying it along with the colony.

After that incident she took on several odd jobs until she met the bounty hunter known as Jagos Morelli, who listened to her story and offered her a position on his ship with the ability to send some money to her parents. She accepted without hesitation.

Jean is very skilled in engineering and is a fast runner, but she has a gullible side and can easily fall for someone's lies. She is also known for having a very short attention span, and is often distracted by even the most minor of nuisances.



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May 3 2018, 09:45 PM
Name: Staffan Olander
Species: Human
Age: 33
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good


Proficient in medicine and healing
Acts fast in a dire situation

Can't handle criticism
Has a bad habit of showing off at the worst times
Not very strong physically, so he must rely on his ice magic as a means of defense


Advanced Medkit
A special pair of goggles that allow him to identify injuries his patient has sustained and any illnesses that he or she is currently suffering from.

Uses Ice Magic

The Swedish man known as Staffan had attended medical school for several years until he finally obtained his medical license. He was assigned to a science vessel that had the mission of collecting data in the uncharted reaches of space. It was attacked by a warring faction and was ultimately destroyed, but Staffan managed to escape via an escape pod.

He barely had enough food in the pod when he was discovered and picked up by a group of mages who took him to a remote planet. There he was trained in the ways of ice magic, and he had become quite proficient at it. Overtime however, he felt that his time with the mages had grown stale, and felt that it was time to travel elsewhere.

The mages bid Staffan farewell and he departed the planet. He soon found himself on a parking bench of a different planet. He was pondering where he should use his skills next when a man approached him and offered him the position of the medic on board of a small frigate. With a newfound desire to see new worlds and heal new people and species, Staffan joined up.

Staffan knows how to hop into action when the situation appears dire, and he can use his ice magic in a variety of ways such as quickly forming an ice wall as a means of defense against attackers or putting out dangerous fires. Despite his achievements, he has been known to be thin-skinned, and will become hot headed at every insult or critique thrown his way, no matter how tiny it is.



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May 3 2018, 09:06 PM
Name: Ivan Navarro
Species: Human
Age: 28
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good


Skilled Engineer
Very Patient
Hard Worker

Poor Aim
Heavy Sleeper


Semi-automatic Combat Shotgun
Combat Knife
Engineering Kit

No supernatural powers, but Ivan excels in handling machinery and repairs.

Ivan used to be an engineer for a mining station on a backwater planet. Despite the well-kept conditions of the station compared to the planet itself, he felt that his skill was being wasted on mining equipment. He wanted a job that he felt would actually challenge him. That opportunity came when a one day a bounty hunter appeared at the station hunting down a fugitive.

Upon hearing that the bounty hunter was in need of a second engineer to maintain his ship, Ivan wasted no time in quitting his previous job and quickly joined Jagos's crew.

Since then he has proved himself multiple times by keeping the frigate intact whenever it was in the thick of battle. This has earned him a respectable reputation on the ship, but he does have a perfectionist streak to him and this has caused him to butt heads with the ship's other engineer a few times. He's also been known to be a heavy sleeper. If one were to blow an air horn into his ear, chances are he wouldn't awaken. The attempts would need to be physical in order to get him to stir.



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May 2 2018, 07:29 PM
A medium-sized industrial station rested on the surface of a moon. While it looked like your typical station to drop off and pick up goods, it also held several recreational areas such as a spa, a nightclub, a few stores, and even several courts for sports like tennis and basketball. Spacefarers would often come here to either unwind after a hard day's work or conduct business. It's perimeter had an inkling of blaster turrets and guarding it in case of a pirate incursion, but fortunately those incidents were few and far between.

Among the visitors in need of some R&R was a bounty hunter named Jagos Morelli who had just completed another bounty and was now standing outside of a fast food joint looking to satiate his hunger.

He had a small frigate up in the hangar bay that was currently being repaired and refueled by the workers. His crew was in charge of protecting it, so that left him free to ease him of stress however way he pleased.
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