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A deadly virus affecting both organics and robotics swept the northern sectors of the Galaxy, sparking a war between the afflicted and the remaining factions. After nearly a year of defensive battles and co-ordinated operations, the war finally ended at the Battle of Ruin. The end of the war saw increased relations between the GSU, Imperium and Santori as they all agreed on a two year ceasefire to mend the damages caused by the crisis.

After these two years the factions signed the Santori Accords, an agreement proclaiming their united efforts to uphold Celestial law, including the protection of innocent life in case of another galactic threat. Following this meeting the Highrock Clans decided to join the Santori Protectorate, expanding their territory by almost double.

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Whilst each planet has their own personal Dates and Times, most of them adhere to the Galactic Standard Calendar when communicating with eachother.

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The Reich, a returning faction of magic-haters, resurface and initiate a purge of the planet Ordriey, destroying it entirely in the process. This event has made all of the Major Factions uneasy, even though each of them has bigger concerns of their own. Not only are there issues for these powers to deal with, but more factions are rising from the ashes of the Helix War, populating the galaxy once again.

Meanwhile, the Celestial Architect Sam'anar has discovered a way to reverse large parts of the Convergence, sending back many of the planets it had brought into the galaxy. Whilst this move has saved many from unwanted threats, it has also shifted the layout of the galaxy drastically. Because of this, new star-charts have been drawn out with Hyperlanes, allowing them to show the quickest and safest routes between planets.

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The Varanus are a extra-galactic bipedal reptilian species with genetic ties to dragons,once having an natural affinity for magic that now remains mostly forgotten.There exists two major subspecies of the Varanus each with their own distinctions and roles in society.

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Poxicave, the most addictive substance known to humanity. Due to the impulse control center of the human brain, it leads to substances like caffeine and nicotine to create a permanent spot in their control center which can only be degraded by rigid rehabilitation programs designed by the smartest. But, unlike caffeine and nicotine, Poxicave addictions could not be remedied. There were no programs built to help people with the addiction cut it because there was no remedy. There was nothing that could stop the gem from completely taking over your life and ruining your very existence. Now, as people began to realize that it caused a number of diseases, they stopped using and eventually the craze which had taken the Lux Republic by storm, died down. The death of this drug hadn't lasted for long, but only until people realized they could alter it to completely take over nerve centers and make you something better. Now, this didn't mean that anyone could negate the crazy hallucinations made by such a drug, but the pros were somehow outweighing the cons. This had completely stormed into the Lux's cities and soon, everybody and their grandmother were doing this drug. It wasn't until an extremely smart man named Cyrus O'Connell created a biological agent which would completely negate the effects of the drug. This means that if someone took this biological agent, it would incorporate into their cells and stop the drug from affecting them in the slightest. Obviously, not everyone would conform to this so the Lux forced them too, poisoning the water systems with this drug so everyone would be immune. This worked and soon Poxicave became a drug of the past, with current users ranging from 5-10 thousand total.


Cantoxin the only known toxin that is capable of killing an Empyrean. The only drug known to the universe that can kill a full-grown human with a picogram. This drug was discovered shortly after the space race extended to the outer worlds. A small snail known as a Canto Snail discovered on Ricerro, a moon of Eden-IX, created three grams of this substance every month, which was used to kill things that were hundreds of times larger than the snail. This was due to the massive difference in size from what the Canto Snail ate, and to the Vasci that it consumed on a daily basis. The Vasci were large herbivores that were around twenty feet tall and weigh around seventeen tons. The Canto Snails would then swarm the large herbivores using the poison to degrade the flesh and make it easier to digest. A couple of traders kept this toxin a secret and began to slowly poison richer comrades to make themselves the leading traders of the outer belt. Once it had been discovered what they were doing, the toxin was released into the black market resulting in thousands of deaths before an antidote was found. A small dose of pure Helium-3, Nitrogen, or Argon will erase the effects of the Cantoxin but will leave you sick from using those elements on your own body. This led to most politicians leaving these emergency antidotes on them at all times. The liquid form is the natural form and easily the most deadly, killing the affected within six seconds of digestion. This also tends to be the hardest to find as it needs to stay under zero Celsius while the gas and solid can exist at all temperatures. But, the solid and gas don't work as fast with a death time of 15-45 seconds.
May 17 2018, 02:32 PM
There had long been a discussion of utilizing Eden-IX (gas giant) as a fuel source. It was quite a popular discussion among the high counselors for the King, but, there was a mystery tied to the planet. When the dwarf planet surrounding Eden-IX had been discovered, it was noticed that there was once a civilization on this long-dead planet. The civilization had been deemed to be deep into the space-age when the civilization perished to internal conflicts, but something more interesting had been discovered deep in the ruins of their capital city. In the far reaches of the old vaults, a depiction had been found. It depicted large, large animals descending from the sky and entering the city as if they were ships coming back to refill. These animals were larger than the buildings of the city and had large main bodies, with six smaller fins on each side. It was also depicted that they were coming from the larger planet in the background of the depiction, which was analyzed and discovered to the be the gas giant.

While to many people, this was just some old hoax to keep people from harvesting the planet, or this civilization deemed it religious in some purpose, many analysts have found evidence of something behind on the planet. From the disturbances in the magnetosphere all the way to small viewable disturbances in the storms plaguing the planet. But, there was always something off and due to resources being tied elsewhere, originally with the battle for Eden-V, and then the extension of outer colonies, they had never made the attempt to explore further.

Now, with the money coming in massive loads, there was time and the resources to explore the possible venture. Two satellites had been sent for constant monitoring but had disappeared shortly after entering the atmosphere. The error messages were pushed aside as the Blue Moon threat arisen once more.

Then there had been the period of all-out war which split the system into two sides. Eventually, the threat died down and focus could be placed on system expansion and industrialization. This brought the first real investigation, when going over the detailed results of how the two satellites had been destroyed, they claimed to be destroyed by PHYSICAL force. Not supernatural forces such as the storm, or perhaps the pressure. This was determined to be something living that had destroyed it or perhaps something large and inanimate like an asteroid.

Three Sirius Class Light Cruisers were dispatched to the gas giant where they would be launching seventeen separate satellites at random intervals to see if they would be destroyed yet again. This mission would be led by Commander John Davis who had experience with multiple Blue Moon Assaults.
May 17 2018, 08:13 AM
Name: Reinhardt Class Carrier

Owner: The Lux Republic

Manufacturer: Primary Vats of Eden-XII

Development Thread: N/A

Materials: Nanobots | Lead/Nanobot-Infused Glass | Titanium Alloy | Carbon-Nanotubes

Length: 450 Meters | 1476 Feet
Width: 115 Meters | 377 Feet
Height: 145 Meters | 475 Feet

Rarity: Mass-Produced

Weapons: 4
Armor: 8
Shields: 4
Speed: 4
Maneuvers: 3

Notable Equipment

1x Orion MAC | Front-Mounted
~Ammunition: 9.3 Meter 'Slugs' Rounds ~ Depleted Uranium/Tungsten ~ 600 Metric Tonnes

10x Dual-Spitfire Coilguns
~Ammunition: 240 Millimeter Rounds ~ Depleted Uranium/Tungsten ~ 4.2 Kilograms

12x Archer Point-Defense Coilguns
~Ammunition: 150 Millimeter Rounds ~ Depleted Uranium/Tungsten ~ 2.5 Kilograms

4x Vulcan Launchers
~Ammuntion: 200 Millimeter Rounds ~ Tanalam ~ 6.7 Kilograms
Note: Tanalam launches a molten metal at enemies which hardens and takes an armor-piercing shape.

18x Paladin Missile Tubes
~118x Verity Missiles {Ship-Killers} ~ Megatonnes

2x Atom Missile Tubes
~10x Galaga Missiles ~ 245 Megatonnes


42x Xenon Energy 'Deflector' Shields

Note: These shields need to be overtaxed to be broken through. While they are weak toward kinetic based weaponry, they are still effective at stopping one MAC round.


Troops: 5500 Space Marines ~ Divisions: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th
Note: The carriers feature a large complement of soldier meant to protect the ship from hostile boarding parties. The 1st, 2nd and 9th are stationed here to drop into battle when needed and defend if necessary. Normally, strike groups will be assigned to carriers and there will never be a need for full defense, but they are there just in case.

1x Captain
2x Commander
22x Bridge Crew
75x Sailors


4x Helios Fighter Wings {36x Fighters}
2x Thanos Bomber Wings {18x Bombers}
5x Hercules Gunships {45x Gunships}
2000x Escape Modules {6000x Escape Pods}
2x Morning Star Elite Fighters {10x Fighters}


These carriers were created as mobile headquarters made for sustained assaults or sieges in far star systems. They come equipped with their own Nano Factories which can produce all Lux technology if given time and the materials. While alone it still can stand strong, it is only boosted by an additional support fleet to fend off the smaller, faster ships. The launching bay has magnetic accelerators which boost the speed coming out of the carrier and coming back inside.My Webpage
May 16 2018, 01:04 PM
Dictations and Regulations for Supply Fleets, Maintenance Fleets, and Construction Fleets.

<1> Captains will uphold the Labor Value Laws present on Lux controlled planets, and will pay a minimum of 20.75 units per hour.

<2> Captains will record all cargo retrieved from Lux controlled storage and mining facilities.

<3> Captains will record all cargo retrieved from outside sources.

<4> Captains will ensure that all radioactive or volatile cargo is properly secured.

<5> Captains will ensure that the employees of their ships are treated properly.

<6> Captains will register with the Lux Republic Naval Authority in order to retrieve their permit for safe and controlled trade.

<7> Captains will inform the Lux Republic Naval Authority of each crew member and ship that may be added.

<8> Captains will report in to <REDACTED> every three months to ensure their ships are up to code and safe for crew members.

<9> Captains will give 32% of their profit to the Lux Republic for every one-hundred-thousand credits of profit.

<10> Captains are susceptible to punishments and grounding if the ship is not within the code, their crew members are mistreated, or cargo is not being recorded.

>REDACTED< Captains can report into their local Lux Republic Verification Facility to receive check-ins and to receive their trading license.

>Revision 1.0 ~ Ships will be able to carry as much cargo and keep said cargo if wanted.

>Revision 1.1 ~ Ships are permitted to carry up to three-hundred-and-forty-thousand tons of cargo.

>Revision 1.2 ~ Ships are permitted to carry up to nine-hundred-thousand tons of cargo.

>Revision 1.3 ~ Ships with proper licenses are permitted to carry up to three-million tons of cargo.


>Revision 2.0 ~ Captains no longer have to pay 32% of their profit for every one-hundred-thousand credits.

>Revision 2.01 ~ Captains pay 25% for every two-hundred-fifty-thousand credits.

>Revision 2.1 ~ Captains pay 23% for every two-hundred-fifty-thousand credits.

>Revision 2.2 ~ Captains pay 19% for every two-hundred-fifty-thousand credits.


>Revision 3.0 ~ Any ships registered with the Lux Republic Naval Authority is granted protection of one Sirius Light Cruiser.

>Revision 3.01 ~ Any ships registered with the Lux Republic Naval Authority is given required protection of two Sirius Light Cruisers.

>Revision 3.1 ~ Protection No Longer Required.

May 16 2018, 12:34 PM
When any convoy with a Lux Republic designation, is transporting goods, materials, or manpower, we hereby promise to protect such ships from termination.

According to the revision 3.01 of the Supply Fleet Accord, we promise to supply two Sirius Class Light Cruisers to the aide and protection of any fleet that cannot or will not protect themselves. This is limited to, religious vessels, civilian vessels, supply vessels, and any ship incapable of defending oneself.

Revision 1.0 ~ Any ship with an energy output equivalent or greater than 140 million kWh is not applicable to the Resource Protection Accord

Revision 1.1 ~ Any ship with an energy output below than 14 kWh are not eligible for the Resource Protection Accord

Revision 1.2 ~ Any ship that is not within allowed legal cargo weight (100 thousand metric tons) is not within their rights to request an armed escort.

Revision 1.3 ~ Any ship filing for defensive escort must be a legal citizen of the Lux Republic or must have their trading license.

Revision 1.3.1 ~ Merchants with no trading license will and can be apprehended.

Revision 1.4 ~ This Accord is available for further revisions and termination if deemed necessary by the Lux Republic High Senate.
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