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Galactic Year: 2570
Galactic Month: November

Current Arc:
Rise of Asgard

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 Rise of Asgard Act I Threads
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 11:13 AM
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The Asgardian Empire has made it's move in a dual-strike on both the GSU and the Protectorate.

On Santori the Asgardians are led by Bryjar, the Son of Thor, who seeks to reclaim the hammer Mjolnir from the Sanctum vaults.

On Vadubar, the Asgardian fleet with High King Loki at it's helm strikes a GSU station and planet, hoping to form a blockade to cut off all supplies and hold its populace hostage.

Both threads take place at the same time, so choose wisely who's call for aid you will respond to.
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