Welcome to Convergence Wars, a galaxy of battles and politics. Numerous Factions contest Planets each for their own purposes. Will you raise a Faction from the ashes of the past and make a name for your civilisation? Or will you become a Lone Wolf and carve your own path to becoming a Galactic Legend?

Jump into our Science-Fantasy universe and join other writers to create compelling galactic stories, or just have some fun!

Galactic Year: 2570
Galactic Month: November

Current Arc:
Rise of Asgard

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Mar 14 2018, 04:42 AM
In honour of Stephen Hawking our next mini-contest is Best Technological Submission.
The best submission related to Technology (Ships, Weapons, Robots, Misc. Technology) in the next week will earn the award.

Please link your entries below.
Mar 11 2018, 01:51 PM
Albeit late, the Member of the Month returns! The Members of the Month for March is...


Congratulations and keep up the good writing!
Mar 8 2018, 03:24 PM

Artifacts are unique objects that hold great power or history. Because of this they extremely rare and coveted, selling for millions on the market whilst also serving as great tools for any warrior or adventurer who comes across them.



Type: Bow

Possession: Aurora Crow

Description: A weapon originally used to test the worth of new candidates to the Valor Santori, it generally chooses and bonds with a person whom it likes.


Arclight Blade

Type: Sword

Possession: Demonic Remnant

Description: An ancient, powerful sword that is said to have been passed down from generation to generation in the realm of Heaven, wielded by heroes of the realm who were renowned for outstanding feats.



Type: Sword

Possession: Unknown

Description: A powerful sword imbued with Purge magic. Whoever touches the handle is purged off all their inner evil. It was shattered by the Celestial Makou and lost in the Traveller's Dimension.


The Dagmaer Grimoire

Type: Spell Book

Possession: Kittiana Youngblood

Description: A large black leather bound tome with Old Norse runes stitched onto the front. The Grimoire contains a mixture of white magic and forbidden black magic, but because of the sheer power that has been written on its pages it has taken on its own form of sentience.


'Heaven & Hell'

Type: Pistols

Possession: Unknown

Description: Forged by Dan Almis when he was a Demon first arriving on Earth, these pistols were his signature weapon for centuries.



Type: Hammer

Possession: Santori Protectorate

Description: Forged by the Dwarves of Svartalfheim in a competition against Loki, Mjolnir became the legendary hammer of Thor Odinson.

Mar 8 2018, 12:52 PM
The Winners of the Valentine's Mini Event are as follows:

Best Romance Thread - Mavanger and Elizabeth Penree

Best Erotic Thread - Kyle Telos

Most Attractive Character - Kitty Youngblood

Congratulations! Your awards are being added to your account soon.
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